BAM15 Hormone Production: A Detailed Analysis

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : September 28, 2022

Obesity is a universal issue that targets people from all walks of life. Be it a child, a teen, or a fully grown adult, no demography is free from it. Much more than the earlier generation, obesity has become a bigger concern for today’s generation, especially the youth.

As we all know, obesity is a medical condition where one gains an excessive amount of fat that may impair his/her health. Mostly a genetic defect or a lifestyle disease, obesity, if untreated will lead to myriads of health issues like diabetes, an increase in cholesterol level, high blood pressure, etc. 

Everything You Need To Know About BAM15 Hormone Production

Embracing the disease’s universal appeal, world organizations and medical associations has long since advised the world to get rid of unhealthy habits.

Everything You Need To Know About BAM15 Hormone Production

Due to the expense of surgeries and struggle in maintaining an extreme calorie deficit, it is often a difficult condition to treat and the patients are mostly left to endure the suffering. Burning calories and staying hungry after all is not an easy ride. 

But, what if we could find a drug that stimulated our basal metabolic rate and burned calories without disrupting our appetite? Researchers at the University of Virginia, the University of New South Wales, and Virginia Tech with collaborators at other sites in Australia have recently discovered a compound with these properties…at least in preclinical models – BAM15.

What is BAM15 Hormone Production?

BAM15 is a mitochondrial uncoupling agent that triggers fat burning and leads to weight loss in overweight mice without changing food intake. A small molecule protonophore that targets the mitochondria, it stimulates energy expenditure and glucose and lipid metabolism to protect against diet‐induced obesity. 

What does BAM15 stand for?

BAM15 stands for ‘Mitochondrial protonophore uncoupler’. 

How does BAM15 hormone help for weight loss?

Weight Loss Is Aided By The Bam15 Hormone

Firstly, BAM15 prevents diet-induced fat gain and glucose intolerance. Upon next, exposure to BAM15 in vitro enhanced mitochondrial respiratory kinetics results in improved insulin action, and accelerated nutrient uptake by sustained activation of AMPK, activated protein kinase. Additionally, mice treated with BAM15 had better body composition and glycaemic control that was unrelated to weight loss, results that were brought about by the drug’s targeting of lipid-rich tissues.

Explain BAM15 Supplement

BAM15 supplements are clinically produced and manufactured products that are intended to support the weight loss course of an obese patient. If consumed in addition to the patient’s calorie deficit diet and calorie-burning workout regime, the BAM15 supplement aid’s the patient’s goals much faster and more effectively.

But until now, doctors, scientists, and experts globally haven’t started prescribing supplements directly to patients. 

BAM15 supplement Dosage

As mentioned just above, the BAM15 supplements are only in their preclinical stage and haven’t reached the clinical drug development platform.  But in line with the medical world’s findings and progress, let’s hope that BAM15 or related compounds may one day advance and become an option for treating obesity and its associated diseases.

BAM15 Supplement Side Effects

Considering its overall success and results over the mice, the supplement so far has not exhibited any side effects that are unhealthy. In the new study, Pennington Biomedical scientists show for the first time those mice given BAM15 are resistant to weight gain by burning more calories than their untreated counterparts. Not only does it eliminate side effects, but it is also further said to help in treating health conditions including diabetes, fatty liver disease, and some forms of cancer.

BAM15 supplement Benefits

Varying over a wide range of advantages, below are some of the most significant benefits that the BAM15 supplement provides.

• Lowering insulin and blood sugar levels without reference to weight loss.

• Increasing the sensitivity of skeletal muscle to insulin’s actions. Insulin resistance in skeletal muscle is a major contributor to the emergence of type 2 diabetes.

• Reducing fat accumulation overall by restricting fat from building up in the liver, kidney, and blood. When a person accumulates too much fat in their liver, kidneys, or blood, they may develop heart disease.

Is the BAM15 supplement safe to take?

So far it hasn’t crossed the inner halls of human consumption and is soon about to enter the market upon specialized human trials, some reports say. Completely safe considering its trials on animals, it is hoped to be safe for humans once it’s out. For the final verdict to be out, we shall have to wait for the words of licensed doctors, scientists, and fitness experts.

BAM15 supplement where to buy?

Currently, under the strict supervision of medical authorities, we don’t have or aren’t able to provide exclusive information on where to buy the supplements. Sorry folks!


To sum up, BAM15 is soon about to revolutionize and revamp the weight loss issue all around. A mega leap forward, lakhs and crores of people will be able to benefit from the supplement once it’s made fit for human consumption.

With the medical world already backing the supplement, supplement producers and private companies will be queuing up outside the medical laboratories for the final verdict of the respective experts. As hope indeed is a good thing, let’s hope for the better.

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Dr. Ricardo Alvarez

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez was a former Medical professor and faculty at Harvard Medical school. After resigning, now he is practicing as a general physician who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of general health problems and disorders. He earned his MS and PhD from Columbia University. Ricardo Alvarez completed his undergraduate education from an accredited medical college under the University of London and completed his training from AMCAS and is a doctor with earned board certification.

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