Barr Again In a Controversy; Calling Lockdown Slavery

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 19, 2020

The attorney general William Barr is highly criticized for his statement of comparing the pandemic stay home order as slavery. The celebration of constitution day at Hillsdale College has observed the statement of William Barr, which was loathed by many United States citizens. He compared the national lockdown with being home arrest.

Barr again in a controversy; calling lockdown slavery

This is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history, said Barr in the event. His loyalty with the president is being highlighted by the citizens and many politicians and accused him of saying the words of President Trump mostly. Jim Clyburn. The representative of the South Carolina Democratic Party stated Barr’s comment to be the ridiculous and worst thing he has heard ever. Barr, in the event, also got vocal about the minimum power of attorney general to a word against the decision of the ruling and highlighted the bondage of the sub government institution to follow the direct orders that are provided to them. He termed the independent thought process and working of government institutions to be ‘a good philosophy for Montessori preschool.’

Barr has done almost little to show his freedom from his employer, even though his work is supposed to warrant that. And when he got it, that’s what he promised. And it doesn’t just matter from a theoretical viewpoint. It’s relevant because Barr will still be attorney general after Election Day and at least until January 20, when the inauguration of the next president is due. During that time, when the long history of peaceful transitions of power in the US will be challenged as never before, it will be up to him to enforce the rule of law. Barr was observed many times to support the wills of Trump and his mates. His involvement in covering up the issues at many events was also questioned before by the people of the States. He is widely known as Trump’s man and believed to speak the mouth of the president.

Apparently, he was involved in the case of charges against Portland city officials for the protest near the federal courthouse, saving the president’s friend Roger Stone and many severe cases. His DOJ also admitted Trump’s first national advisor, Michael Flynn’s law breakdown. They have also tried to provide a release grant to Trump’s former lawyer and to start a criminal inquiry against John Bolton, the former national security advisor of the country. Barr was also involved in subverting and suppressing the protestors through the military in Lafayette Park. He was also convicted for charging the violent protestors with sedition. He is said to save the friends of Trump and harm the enemy of his regime. During an interview with a Chicago journalist, Barr was also seen manifesting the ideas of Trump in front of the media.

He stated the idea of Trump about a deep state of government workers. Trump also seems to trust his attorney general for many important events and works. Barr has also tried to cover up the theory of Antifa threatening cabal, which conspiracy says the involvement of Trump and Rights in it. The attorney general also has created great tension in the mind of people by giving a dicey statement about counting the ballots during the election. He warned Trump’s would-be action if he loses the election, but also ensure that the president claimed to leave the office peacefully in January if he does not retain his seat back in the White House. Trump’s unequivocal comment in tweeter of results not be known to all also creates a hotchpotch in the mind of the people.

When then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton in 2016 on an asphalt plane, it fed a persistent conspiracy theory inflaming the Right that the two were in cahoots to bury Hillary Clinton records. It seems like it was not anything more than a long and ethically unacceptable discussion like Lynch regretted having after an inspector general report because it gave a false impression and caused individuals to doubt her freedom from her boss, Barack Obama. It was also observed that Barr had not resisted any order from the president. His willingness to follow every order of Donald Trump and work in accordance with his demands could be observed in his work during the position at his office. Most of the citizens fear his presence after the November election also. Barr has stated that if the candidature of the Democratic Party, Mr. Joe Biden, wins the election of this year, then he and the whole administration would be committed to the party’s ideology and Biden’s direction.

He is also aware that he is the source of justice in the country and should be upholding it for the betterment of America. Barr would be the one who will ensure the rule of law in the States after the great turmoil and peaceful transfer of the society has been expected by the people of the country. William Barr’s impression and reputation have been changed in front of people many times. His promise to independence and patriotic duty was followed by a lot of people in the country. People are now claiming him to be the mouth and words of Donald Trump. The statement of opposing the national lockdown was made by Trump also many times. The opposition to the statement has already led to citizens rethinking their preferences of voting for the Republican candidate Donald Trump already, as he is termed to be inefficient to handle the unstoppable situation of the pandemic in the country, which is leading to highest deaths and devastating effect of the pandemic in the country.

As people are taking self-isolation as the best option in the present situation, a national lockdown was believed to be the most preferable option. Barr’s unexpected comment on the idea has led to opposition from various sectors and states of the county. His claim of it being a different kind of restraint over slavery is letting people wonder the words that came out of the attorney general. William Barr is serving as the attorney general of the United States of America from 2019.


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