Be Careful: Americans Warned

Josiah finn | Last Updated : March 16, 2021

After a year of grief and economic standstill, the united states may well be on the way to recovery after covid 19 infections were reported to be declining. Experts are, however, warning that Americans should not let their guard down regarding protecting themselves from the virus.

Be Careful: Americans Warned

  Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, cautioned that Americans should not get fooled by the dwindling numbers. He said the low numbers would make Americans get into the summer months feeling as if everything is okay. He added that if that happens and we have not attained 80% population immunity from natural infection or immunization, there will be another surge when winter comes. 

Be Careful: Americans Warned

The last seven days have been the fairest since mid-October as there has been an average of 56240 new cases daily and 1437 deaths daily, which is the lowest since November 19. 

As of Friday, March 12, over 101 million doses have been administered in the US. According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, the rate of vaccinations was picking up, and many more Americans were getting vaccinated. At least 30% of the population has already gotten at least one dose of the vaccine.

Institute For Health Metrics And Evaluation, however, warned that if policies stay as they are now, over 20000 people could die of the virus by April. This harsh reality faces Americans, yet many states are relaxing the health guidelines on covid 19, including mask mandates. Because more people are moving around with fewer masks and with more transmissible covid 19 variants, IHME projected an increase in its prediction of Covid-19 deaths by July 1 by an additional 22,000 people.

Between now and July, the institute predicts the total number of deaths to stand at 600000. The director warned that significantly at the US does next will impact the direction of the pandemic. March and April are very important, critical in these times, .as the vaccines are here, and we are scaling up the vaccinations and want to give them a fighting chance while on the other hand there is a virus that is threatening to ravage the country. The director said we have to be humble with this virus.

CDC also released new guidelines for those recently vaccinated and advised against traveling for those who have been vaccinated

Some people felt that the guidelines were very strict. However, the director requested Americans to be humble with this virus and also said once the virus infection rates get lower the institute procedures will be revised. A year after the pandemic was declared, over 33.9 million people are now fully vaccinated, and close to more than 64 million people have received one dose.

During a prime time address, the president said that America was working around the clock to ensure that all Americans were vaccinated after the disease was declared a pandemic. By May 1, all adults will have access to the vaccine, and by July 4 the as the Us celebrates independence day, Americans will well be on their way to conquering the virus. After the virus has declared a pant Joe Biden promised vaccine appointments would open to all US adults by May 1, and by July 4, the US could be celebrating its independence from the pandemic.

“Dr. Jonathan Reiner told CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday, told Americans that  If July 4 comes around and your family has been vaccinated and your neighbors down the street have been vaccinated, yeah you can absolutely get together for a barbecue,” The vaccine is a ticket to bring people back to work and back to normal life.

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