Bedtime With A Pet Will Not Have A Negative Impact On The Sleep Quality

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 26, 2021

A pet is also known as the companion animal, is primarily kept for a person’s company for entertainment rather than as a working animal, livestock, or laboratory animal. Usually, kids are fond of pet animals. Pets can be anything; it cannot be limited to types of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, ferrets, frogs, turtles, snakes, birds, fishes, spiders, and many more. Some people believe that kids going to bed with their pets is harmful to them both physically and mentally. Some of them also believed that sleeping with cats can be harmful to health as they can spread disease.

Bedtime With A Pet Will Not Have A Negative Impact On The Sleep Quality

So some of the scientists and doctors conducted research to know that sleeping in the same bed with the pet is harmful to the kids. In the research, it was analyzed that sleeping with a four-footed friend appears to be fine for pre-teens and teens. It was also found that sleeping with a furry family member will not affect them negatively sleep as per the reports of new research from Concordia University in Montreal. As per the reports of Dr. Rosen, a professor emeritus in pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine of Cleveland, the study conducted was a very rigorous study on a kind of quirky little data, but the bottom line was the kids were happy to sleep with their pets and it did not have any negative effects on their sleep, and the researchers added that of all the things to worry about in the world, this is probably one less thing to worry about.

Bedtime With A Pet Will Not Have A Negative Impact On The Sleep Quality Of Children

It was also found that about 30% to 50% of children and adults sleep with their pets in the same beds and up to 75% of households with kids have pets as per the research conducted in the United States of America. The study included 188 people aged between 11 to 17 years of age, along with their parents. Both the parents and kids answered about the kid’s sleep quality. In the study, each kid did an in-home study where they wore a sleep monitoring belt and kept a diary to monitor the quality of sleep for two weeks.

The kids were asked to record when they went to bed, how long did they sleep, how long does it take to wake up, and the quality of their sleep that included awakenings. As mentioned, the results were like 65% of them mentioned that they never sleep with their pets and 17% said that they sometimes do sleep with their pets, and 18% said they often sleep with their pets.

The results came out be the sleep quality of all the three groups came to be similar, but those kids who shared their beds with the pets had the highest overall subjective sleep quality when compared to the people who never shared their beds with pets. The researchers also gave the reason for this because kids think of their pets as their best friends and companions, which makes them feel more comfortable in their presence and protects them as they are their close friends.

The finding, so the recent research was published in Sleep Health, Journal of the National Sleep Foundation mentioned that they found kids commonly have trouble sleeping, staying asleep, or having poor quality of sleep, bedtime fears, and separation anxiety can be concerns. And for older children, bullying or lifestyle issues, including late-night because of homework, sports, or socializing, may hamper sleep. They also said that the cause for this problem might be a little different why someone might have these problems if they are toddlers, preschoolers, school-age, teenagers.

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