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How To Calm Children Before Taking Their Covid Vaccine Shots

The clearance and permission have finally come from both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) to inoculate children from the ages of 5 to 11 years with the vaccine for the deadly Sars-Cov-2  virus. While many parents are relieved and are wasting no time taking their children to get vaccinated, a new problem of trypanophobia has emerged. This is the fear of the injection or vaccination needle as it enters the body. A large majority of children reportedly have this phobia.

How To Calm Children Before Taking Their Covid Vaccine Shots

Parents have the option of forcing their children to get vaccinated or choosing the more humane method to gradually talk to their children, explaining the benefits and protection of getting vaccinated and the actual minimal pain experienced while getting vaccinated. Most parents do not want their children to get traumatized by experiencing the fear of trypanophobia. To add to the woes of parents, many trypanophobia children can get severely traumatized even seeing other children getting vaccinated.

How To Calm Children Before Taking Their Covid Vaccine Shots

There are many worried parents that have taken their children to pediatricians and even psychiatrists and many have tried several methods to help their children overcome this phobia. 

The first step in this process is to prepare the child for the coming vaccination. It is necessary to reveal everything to the child and this will help build trust. Psychologist Mary Alvord, who specializes in anxiety and self-regulation techniques for children and teenagers, recommends that children be informed and well prepared for receiving the vaccination. Parents need to tell their children that no one actually likes to get these shots and that the vaccination is all for a purpose of being healthy and actively fit for a better tomorrow. Children observe everything and they should not be lied to that the vaccination will not hurt. 

Parents not sure of a sure-fire strategy to facilitate children for vaccination can visit pediatricians who even recommend going to nonprofit organizations such as the Meg foundation which is professionally trained to prepare children for traumatic experiences. Dr. David Becker, a pediatrician who is also on the board of the Meg Foundation, points out that children should not be forced or tricked into getting injections as this will cultivate a future mistrust for any future interactions with doctors or a hospital. 

The next strategy is to get the child sufficiently relaxed and even distracted before vaccination. There are many doctors and nurses who are adept at this skill and parents also need to brush up on some of these skills before taking their children for vaccination. Many child psychologists recommend getting the child in a happy mood while going to the vaccination and promising a special celebration for the child immediately after the vaccination. This way, the child has already been told about the vaccination and is excited about the coming celebration which is the child’s favorite way to celebrate. 

There are many situations when the parent can also play the victim and admit to their child about also feeling scared and crying all the way to a vaccination center. The child can also be reminded about several vaccinations the child had taken as an infant and that not remembering the past vaccinations is a sign of how brave the child had been as an infant. 

The act of taking so many steps just to counter trypanophobia may seem inconsequential but it can go a long way in building trust between parents and children and preparing the child for future medical experiences as a normal person.   

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