The Belated School Timings Have Boosted Parents’ Health

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 15, 2022

Children need a lot of sleep to engage in their school activities enthusiastically. A study conducted by a research team of U.S pediatricians reported the changes in the timings of all types of school which states that the elementary school timings are well set for the students to get sufficient sleep and the middle school also have later timings which make the students brisk all day.

The Belated School Timings Have Boosted Parents’ Health

The problem is only with the high school timings which not only affect children’s sleep but parents too. So, this research group suggested shifting the timings later so that children get enough sleep to perform well in their studies. 

The Belated School Timings Have Boosted Parents' Health

Earlier timings of school make the parents of the children wake up early and make them ready to send them to school. This is very tiring for the parents who work and have to wake up early and do all the household work. 

These earlier timings can also make students rush out while having breakfast. This might affect the health of the children and make them inattentive in class. 

So, the later shift in timings might help the parents and children to have a good sleep and have no tension to wake up earlier. 

This also helps in a good parent-children relationship and makes their interaction more friendly. 

The schools have to do a lot of work to change the timings and to have a big discussion before putting it into action. 

This can be a challenging one for the schools to implement and this change can be very hard to put into regulation. 

Key Background 

The overall discussion lies in the center of the point which is sleep and we all know how essential it is for everybody in the world. Lack of food and water for one day can tire you out and make you dizzy but lack of sleep deteriorates your health more than the food and water. More studies have proven the importance of sleep in maintaining good mental and physical health. 

Not only for children but the adults too should require good sleep for their personal and professional betterment. The earlier timings in school decrease the amount of sleep requirement for both children and parents. So, changing the timings to a later one will have a good influence on the health of the parents and children.

Good sleep helps to be active all day and also improves your memory power to study better. While the lack of it will make you grumpy and moody all day affecting your behavior in school or work. 

Deprivation of sleep pushes people into depression and anxiety and it might take more time to bring them to normal. Gadgets have a very bad influence on sleep and children nowadays stick to those till late at night ignoring their sleep. 

Lack of sleep makes your eyes sore and red and can also cause headaches and migraines. 

Sleep can make you mentally and physically fit to help you improve in your studies and career. Lack of sleep makes you get tired easily and pull out all the energy in the body. 

Good sleep can help in improving the memory power during exams which in turn helps you in getting good grades. The school-going children should get sufficient sleep because once it becomes a health issue it is very tough to get sleep. 

It has become a serious problem worldwide where many people take sleeping pills to get very pathetic sleep. Wealth and success become useless if you are not healthy enough to enjoy them. 

People should not be very lethargic in their health which requires good sleep. 

The rhythm of the sleep clock is very hard to retrieve once it changes. 

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