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Top 10 Best Electric Hospital Beds to Use in Home

Adjustable electric beds (a.k.a hospital beds) can serve a variety of purposes in our daily lives.

While it’s true that they were initially meant for creating a hospital setting at home, they have a lot of uses that everyone can benefit from using.

Apart from being able to provide a more comfortable setting for reading, working on your laptop, or playing games – electric beds can help improve the following situations as well: 

  • Acid reflux
  • Sleep apnea
  • Lower back issues

So here, we have decided to review some of the best electric hospital beds that you can find online.

???? Medacure – Full Electric Hospital Bed

This particular item from β€˜Medacure’ is probably the most cost-effective product on this list. The more expensive products coming up ahead will certainly have their additional features and utilities, but this one is an all-encompassing basic version of a fully electric hospital bed.

It is the full bed package that includes everything you need such as – an adjustable bed frame, a vinyl-covered mattress, 2 locking and 2 unlocking caster wheels, a large button remote controller, and half safety rails.

The mattress that comes with this item by default is a β€˜Firm Foam Fiber Mattress’ which is made with high-performance fiber and has antimicrobial properties. 

 Medacure – Full Electric Hospital Bed

The mattress cover is frost green colored and made of easy-to-clean vinyl.

It is possible to select a mattress variant while making your order from a collection of different ones available.

The bed is fully automatic and you can adjust the height of the frame as well as raise the head or foot sections independently with the help of a multi-function remote control. 

Altogether, this bed is very easy to assemble and seems perfect for people who are looking for low maintenance and cost-effective hospital setup at home.

Costs $784.98 as of now without any discounts.

???? Drive Medical – Full Electric Hospital Bed

This fully electric hospital bed from β€˜Drive Medical Store’ is very lightweight, interchangeable, and easily assembled. 

Its bed frame can be used with the bed ends of most of both old and new manufacturers’ bed ends and comes it comes with a new and improved hand pendant with large and easy-to-use controls.

The transition box will allow us to change the rotation of the high/low shaft.

Its motor is completely self-contained to be able to reduce weight and noise and can be installed and removed with the patient in bed. 

Even during a power failure, the head and foot sections of the bed can be lowered with its 9V battery located in the motor. 

 Drive Medical – Full Electric Hospital Bed

Its channel frame construction will provide superior strength and reduced weight and its wood grain panels are breaks and scratch-resistant.

The headboard is taller than the footboard to fit the home dΓ©cor better.

Its labels and color-coded springs ensure the accurate installation of side rails for patient safety.

This product satisfies all FDA entrapment guidelines and is tested for safety by the SGS. Currently, this bed costs $830 with any available offers. 

???? Invacare CS3 Full Electric Long-Term Care Bed

Features a fully electric hospital bed with an ergonomic hand pendant that is water-resistant, sealed, and designed to fit comfortably in the resident’s hand. It has bright universal symbols, which allow the user to easily operate the head, foot, and bed height sections of the bed.

Its β€˜Thinksoft’ positioning rails rotate with the head deck, making it easy for its residents to reposition themselves.

Invacare CS3 Full Electric Long-Term Care Bed

It comes with a β€˜Maxi lock system’ that secures the bed to the floor in all elevated positions, providing reassurance that the bed is safe and locked for maximum user safety.

It features a β€˜Slat Deck Design’ that provides several benefits such as – providing a comfortable sleep surface, improved infection control, and also helping to reduce wear and tear on the mattress.

This particular bed does not come with an included mattress. 

The IPM1080 mattress with unique contoured foam and castellated cells is suggested by the manufacturers.

Current price – $ 1618.14

???? Invacare Etude Homecare Full Electric Bed

This is a great choice for your home setting. 

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it sports a horde of other features such as a flexible design, simple operations, and easy handling. 

It offers ‘Shear management technology’ that helps to minimize harmful shear and friction which leads to superior comfort and safety. 

Its 8-function hand control enables the user or caregiver to lockout functions for increased safety.

Both the head and foot sections are power operated like most other full-function electric beds.

Invacare Etude Homecare Full Electric Bed

The Invacare etude comes with certain other product attachments that include: –

  • Etude HC bed extension kit – this kit comes in 2 sizes, 4” and 8” and can be used to expand the etude HC deck to accommodate applications where a deck length of greater than 80” is required.
  • Lifting support trapeze kit – the Trapeze Kit provides safe and convenient reposition assistance while in bed. This kit is exclusive to the Etude HC bed and it simply mounts into the receivers of the head section without the use of any tools. 
  • Transportation and storage kit – this kit allows for the Etude HC bed to be stored in a compact mobile unit together. 

The Etude bed costs only around $1269 but with the mattress included variant the price will be around $1665.

???? Invacare Bariatric Heavy-Duty Full Electric Bed

This electric bed from Invacare is exclusively designed for bedridden obese people or bariatric patients.

Its heavy-duty frame design ensures added strength and is said to be 17% larger than conventional beds. It has a patient weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.

This bed has a split-spring design and universal bed ends that make their setup easy and simple. No need for special tools, with its Easy-release motor mounts, which will allow quick motor removal.Β 

Invacare Bariatric Heavy-Duty Full Electric Bed

The pendant that comes with this bed allows for dynamic client positioning while being quiet and smooth. 

There is also an emergency crank that can manually lower any raised section of the bed.

Priced at – $ 1950

???? Medacure – Full electric Bariatric hospital bed

This bed is also exclusively designed for overweight and obese or larger patients. It has the full bariatric bed package that includes everything such as adjustable bed frames, vinyl-covered mattress, 2 locking and unlocking caster wheels, and a large button remote controller. 

This bed also has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. Its full steel frame and pan deck style ensure patient safety. Both its head-spring and foot assembly are recessed to prevent pinching and injuries. 

It comes with a firm foam mattress that is made with high-performance – medical-grade fiber, and measure 84” x 42” with a 6” depth. It has antimicrobial properties as well.

Medacure – Full electric Bariatric hospital bed

The mattress cover is made with easy-clean vinyl and frost green colored. 

The bed itself is fully automatic with its height and frames adjustable with the touch of a button. It has simple controls thanks to its multi-function remote controller and the bed is very easy to assemble yourself at your home. 

This particular variant of electric bed from Medacure costs around $1539.98 as of now, without any offers. 

???? Medacure – Super Low Full Electric Hospital Bed

This floor leveled bed is a great solution for people who have a problem with falling off from their bed during sleep. 

It goes down to as lows as 3”, and as high as 25” and has a large head and footboards.

This is also a fully electric motorized hospital bed that includes everything you need from adjustable bed frames to locking caster and safety rails.

This is not a bariatric bed like the previous 2 products, and its maximum weight capacity is 450 lbs.

Its dimensions are 80 x 36 inches and it is backed by a 2-year Medacure manufacturer’s warranty. 

Medacure – Super Low Full Electric Hospital Bed

Just like the other electric beds of Medacure, this one also comes with a multi-function remote controller and is fully automatic as well with 10 functions including Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg.

Its rail bar has a large easy grab area and a lateral pivot design for easy egress and ingress.

It is quite easy to assemble with minimal expertise. This bed costs around $1899.98 without the foam mattress. With the mattress, the cost goes up to $2099.98.

???? DARGASH Premium Full Electric 3 Function Hospital Bed

This electric bed from β€˜Dargash’ is more like an ICU bed that you can adjust the elevation of the back, head, and knees.

Its adjustment mechanism is very smooth and easy, and it can be lowered to 15 inches or be boosted up to as high as 27.3 inches. 

Its casters have dedicated brakes installed which helps to keep the bed in place.

Since this is an ICU bed technically, it comes with an IV pole as well.

DARGASH Premium Full Electric 3 Function Hospital Bed

All the materials that come with this product are certified Medical-Grade and designed to last. So, no worries about the quality there.

This bed comes with a 4-inch-thick foam mattress that has waterproof properties and four sections that enables it to adjust to every position of the bed.

Its side bed rails are made with aluminum alloy and have drainage hooks attached to it as well. 

Its footboards are removable and have ABS functioning.

This product from Dargash is backed by an ironclad 2-year warranty that includes both parts warranty and Labor warranty.

Currently, this item is being sold at $1899.99 as of now. If you have an approved amazon rewards visa card, you will get a $60 discount.

???? Hopefull Premium 5 Function Full Electric Hospital ICU Bed

This is one of the most advanced products on this list. It is a fully electric bed that can perform 5 classic functions such as Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg movement in addition to the standard elevation of head, knees, and feet. 

The bed can also be lowered from 19 inches or elevated to 32 inches in height and with these functions, the patient can be positioned in Trendelenburg, Fowler’s, semi Fowler’s, etc, and even standard chair positions. 

It is equipped with a Linak Electric motor actuator and control system that offers smooth and quiet movements. 

Hopefull Premium 5 Function Full Electric Hospital ICU Bed

This bed also features a central locking system with its 5-inch aluminum caster wheels and brake pedals, which makes movements smooth and easy even on carpeted surfaces.

Even though the bed is not exclusively designed for bariatric patients, it still has an impressive weight capacity of about 550 lbs. 

The overall dimensions of the bed are 86 x 41 x 19 – 32 inches. 

Overall, the bed weighs about 287 lbs.

This bed comes with a 2-year warranty that includes both parts and labor, a 5-year warranty for the Linak actuator motor, and a 10-year warranty for the bed frame.

Cost price – $2850.

???? Hopefull Premium 6 Function Full Electric Hospital ICU Bed

This is the most advanced electric bed on this list, which also makes it the most expensive variant costing around – $3950. 

It can perform 6 classic functions including both Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg movement in addition to a weight scale, battery backup system, patient control pads.

Hopefull Premium 6 Function Full Electric Hospital ICU Bed

Apart from these features, it is pretty much similar to the β€˜Hopefull Premium 5 function electric bed’ listed above, including the warranty policies, so we’ve decided to explore some of their customer reviews instead:

β€œThis is the perfect bed for my grandmom at home. It is a very similar bed when grandmom used at the hospital. Very quiet and smooth moving, no noise at all. The seller provided a helpful and kind service for the delivery and unpack information. Unpack manual was very useful and it makes easy unpack. Highly recommend purchasing for personal use at home.”

– Jane S.

β€œMy grandma is bed-ridden and has dementia, so this bed has been amazing! Allows us to sit her up to eat/drink, do some light bed exercises, and we can move the bed around the room. Beware, IT IS HEAVY!! The only downside is that it can’t be lowered to the ground, the bed is quite tall.”

– Lilina

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