The Best Time To Get Flu Shot In 2021

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 2, 2021

Flu season comes each year. Every time, health officials call on the general public to receive the flu shot. But at present, it is more an urgency rather than a requirement. Experts are asking everyone to get a flu shot at the earliest available opportunity.

The US has now relaxed almost all Covid 19 safety protocols. This, according to health professionals, may lead to an early and deadly flu season.

The Best Time To Get Flu Shot In 2021

This happens because Covid 19 is still present in the country and restrictions are relaxed. This reduces the immunity of the public at large.

The Best Time To Get Flu Shot In 2021

Flu season begins generally in October and ends in May in the northern hemisphere. In the South, it starts in April and ends in September. And the right time to avail of a flu shot is any day from September to October-end.

Health officials advise the elderly and those with compromised immunity against receiving their flu shot in advance. In advance, often means August. It implies that getting the shot at present is perfectly alright.

Authorities also warn the general public against waiting till the last minute. The number of flu cases may be lower in your neighborhood. Still, you have to get the shot.  Flu vaccine minimizes the severity of the illness and prevents hospitalization and death.

They warn against seeing a surge as a reason to receive a flu vaccination. As per the CDC, the number of those affected with flu can skyrocket anytime. Furthermore, a flu shot needs two weeks to activate the body’s immune system to fight off the disease.

Getting inoculated for flu today also relieves the healthcare mechanism of the stress it is already having. Many of the hospitals in the Southern States have a limited number of ICU beds.

If you are not inoculated against flu, it may hospitalize you. During the previous flu season, 450000 people were hospitalized. 22000 people died because of it.

Flu, in combination with the COVID 19 pandemic can make matters worse. Health officials, therefore, want to avoid every single instance of flu. This will minimize flu-related hospitalizations and will minimize the spread of the COVID 19 virus in the healthcare system.

Following are certain facts you should know about the flu vaccine:

  • Are COVID 19 and flu viruses the same?

Certain people believe that vaccination against either flu or Coronavirus is enough. This is not the situation. You need to get inoculated both for COVID 19 and for flu. The two are different viruses. The flu vaccine available today protects you against the four common types of viruses.

  • What is the minimum age to get inoculated against flu?

Everyone above six months is eligible for a flu shot. You may avail of either the vaccine or the nasal spray designed for the purpose. Make sure that the one you use is age-specific and licensed. Don’t delay vaccination for your favorite product if an alternative is available.

  • From where to get the flu shot?

You can receive a flu vaccine from almost all healthcare settings. Doctor’s office, public vaccination sites, local health department, and even in your workplace.

  • Can I receive vaccinations both for COVID 19 and flu at the same time?

Yes, you can. You may receive both the COVID 19 and flu vaccines at the same time. Its applicability with regard to the booster shot is something the CDC has yet to address. Vaccines, however, don’t cause serious adverse effects.

You may space out the vaccine as per your comfort.

Lastly, masking and social distancing don’t give anyone the freedom to evade vaccination. Vaccines still remain the most effective ways to stay safe both from the flu and from COVID 19.

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