Biden To Address The State Of The Union For The First Time

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : February 21, 2022

The President of America Joe Biden is all set to address the State of the Union for the first time on March 1st. This address is the newly scheduled State of the Union address as the opening of the sessions has been shifted to January. 

Biden To Address The State Of The Union For The First Time

The U.S Presidents are required to address the State of the Union according to Article 2 of the constitution to give information about their considerations and recommendations. A joint session of Congress is held where Biden spoke, but it is considered a State of the Union address only when it has been the President’s second year in office. 

Biden To Address The State Of The Union For The First Time

This address will mention all the essential issues that the Vice President, Kamala Harris, has called out, like the growing impatience of the public to go back to normal and persistence of covid-19 since local governments and democratic states are lifting all the restrictions regarding the pandemic as the cases are growing. Biden has been invited to address the ongoing concerns relating to growing covid-19 cases, inflation curb, and economic recovery.  

There will be an investment in social programs, voting rights legislation, and climate policy which congressional democrats will do. Presidents address the State of the Union in the Senate House of Representatives, where the Supreme court justices and cabinet members attend along with the President’s special guests.

This setting of the State of the Union-Capitol Hill is one of the most disturbing workplaces concerning the cultural disputes on restrictions and security.

Lawmakers have been working from home as office visits are limited, which has now been extended through March. Authorities have made hundreds of fines over violations of pandemic health precautions like wearing masks in the House. Officials have said Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, will decide the capacity of Biden’s session.

She added that the lawmakers intend to participate more fully than last year this time. She also said that she hopes the Capitol will reopen soon as it is temporarily closed for security reasons.

Republicans are raising their views about holding back on restrictions at the Capitol. The GOP lawmakers in the Senate have signed a resolution to the Congress to lift all pandemic related restrictions and reopen to visitors as most of the stores, offices, and schools have reopened in the U.S. Indoor mask restrictions are to be lifted in the district of Columbia for indoor gatherings, it is to be done the same day as the President’s address.

The White House states that it will abide by the rules given by the CDC for prevention and guidance. However, Pelosi is not prepared to lift the chamber’s restrictions and follow all the guidelines as she did last year, even after relaxing indoor masking for fully vaccinated members.

The White House is taking utmost precautions in keeping Biden safe from getting exposed to the virus by providing high-quality masks and limiting his travel.

Some democratic-republicans have said that this opportunity would be an excellent advantage for Biden to address the challenges that the U.S has faced for a few years and that Covid is in for a long time so it is vital to understand the importance of following the precautionary guideline for the safety of the public. Some say that this is an opportunity for the President to move the country to a “normal space”. A Californian physician said that they hope the Congress will relax masking restrictions, allowing the President to speak to the audience to convey that the seriousness of the pandemic is over.

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