The Biden Administration Steps Up the Fight Against Delta

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 10, 2022

Currently, more than 450 million doses of vaccine have been provided across the US since the launch of the first dose during the last. Currently, researchers are working on blending booster doses which are aimed to be variant-specific and expected to get launched within 2-3 months.

The Biden Administration Steps Up the Fight Against Delta

Several pharmaceutical giants are in the marathon to market the vaccine doses in their own version. However, it is aimed to make the vaccine available to every arm and at a cheaper cost. 

The first vials of the Covid-19 vaccine were dispatched from a Michigan plant to relieve health care workers in all 50 states of the US on December 13, 2020. Sandra Lindsay, a nurse from New York was the first American to get vaccinated. 

Despite the average daily infection rate of 550,000 Covid cases in America, President Joe Biden has assured people that they are in the safe zone and nothing to worry about due to their vaccination drive and upcoming measures which are going to roll out this winter for combating the highly transmissible Omicron variant. Some of the programs include booster doses for adults, running of schools by vaccinating children, expansion of free home testing for Americans, strict health protocols for international travels, availability of a national emergency response medical team to help and combat the rising cases and measures to avoid hospitalization and death. The US has also committed to serving other nations by supplying millions of doses of the vaccine. 

President Joe Biden restricted travel from Omicron-infected countries as soon as the World Health Organization declared the variant of Omicron as a “variant of concern”. The restriction was imposed with an aim to research the variant and prepare the nation to combat it. President also declares that the US has enough resources to fight the new variant Omicron with respect to previous variants. Even kids aged above 5 years are eligible to get vaccinated and hence the US is leading the count of vaccinating children in the world. President Joe Biden also urged people to use the available resources and adhere to wearing masks to curb the spread of infection and get infected.

The other concerns are the cancellation of flights due to the unavailability of the adequate crew and forcing schools to close down due to the non-availability of teaching staff. Moreover, 35 million adults are yet to get vaccinated despite the availability of vaccines and booster doses in the nation. 

President Joe Biden emphasized the need for vaccination which is the strongest weapon to fight the current infectious outbreak. It is also communicated by him that vaccination ensures the protection of each individual though there is a chance of getting Covid-19 after having the doses. The President has also initiated action towards expanding the home tests program by sanctioning $137 million to relieve the Americans struggling with the pandemic for the last 2 years. 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and State Surgeon Joseph Ladapo have requested residents not to get tested unless they get to see any symptom of Covid-19 variants infection which have been opposed by the World Health Organization saying infected people without symptoms may spread the virus. 

Moreover, infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci from the US has expressed concern about rising cases of hospitalization which is around 45% in the past seven days despite its less severity. 

The President has also announced that the US has doubled its order for the supply of antiviral pills produced by Pfizer, which have been authorized by the FDA to avoid serious illness and prevent death due to Covid-19. President declared that the pills are a great source of relief and will impact a lot to safeguard the nation from this deadly disease.

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