Biden Asserts That The Pandemic Is Causing Many To Feel Sad

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 25, 2021

According to President Joe Biden, many Americans feel “sad” and concerned about the future because of the pandemic, particularly as the Christmas season approaches. He urged those with mental issues to get help if they needed it. Biden made the remarks on Thursday.

Biden Asserts That The Pandemic Is Causing Many To Feel Sad

Many people, including those in this audience who have experienced a loss such as a husband, wife, brother, mother, father, son, or whatever, or who have dealt with something that has had a significant impact on them like dealing with Covid, find themselves feeling depressed and out of sorts as a result of their experience. At a Town Hall, Anderson Cooper was there as Joe Biden spoke. 

Biden Asserts That The Pandemic Is Causing Many To Feel Sad

According to the President, he said the following: “Many people are simply down and out, which is understandable. It’s not obvious how they plan to get back into the game. These players have second thoughts about returning to the game at this stage.”

According to the President, the advent of the pandemic has prompted the postponement of several previously planned events, such as a high school prom or graduation ceremony. People are feeling “a significant degree of anxiety,” and he says he is often questioned about how the pandemic and difficulties with the global supply chain, which are causing delays in the delivery of some items, will impact holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It has to do with us getting back on our feet, and it has to do with us getting back on our feet in terms of what the future holds for us, according to Biden. Although the outbreak and lockdowns may have exacerbated some people’s mental health issues, he recommended them to get help.

There’s a lot of help out there, according to the President. “Having a crisis, being sad, and needing help or advice is no different from having a damaged leg, in my opinion. You do not need to be ashamed about it. You’d be better off getting help from someone with experience. Many people are ready and prepared to help you.”According to the President, many Americans are reluctant to return to their former employment because of concerns about Covid-19. People are changing their minds about low-wage or minimum-wage occupations, according to him.

Today, it’s an opportunity for individuals to voice their worries, such as, “Would I really want that $7 an hour job?”As vaccination rates have risen in recent weeks, the Delta strain of Covid-19 has been destroying sections of the country with low immunizations rates for months. This strain is more transmissible and might cause more severe illness than previous strains. Unvaccinated Americans have been urged by Vice President Biden and other health professionals to become vaccinated so that they can protect themselves and others around them. Biden noted that while “going in the right direction” on Covid, the United States is now in a “very vital moment,” and he urged unvaccinated Americans to get the vaccination.

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