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Biden Bashes Trump’s Irresponsible Behavior Over Covid Relief Package

President-elect Joe Biden strongly criticized Trump’s irresponsible behavior with regards to the covid relief package. Trump refused to sign the bipartisan stimulus bill that was aimed to provide relief to millions of Americans suffering due to the pandemic. Biden said it was irresponsible behavior that would have devastating consequences.

Biden Bashes Trump’s Irresponsible Behavior Over Covid Relief Package

Millions of people who were eagerly waiting for the relief bill are now disappointed due to the refusal of Trump to sign the bill. The temporary unemployment benefits that were supposed to come soon are now hanging in the balance. Some of the unemployment benefits are expiring this weekend, and it will leave lots of people in severe trouble.

Biden Bashes Trump's Irresponsible Behavior Over Covid Relief Package

Several Republicans have also asked Trump to sign the Covid relief and put an end to the chaos. Sen. Pat Toomey said that you do not get everything you want even if you are the President. Trump has rejected the bill as he feels that the direct payment to taxpayers of $600 was very low, and he wants it to be increased to at least $2000. Toomey also agreed with some of the concerns of Trump regarding the spending bill, but he said that it was necessary to compromise at this stage as the Covid relief is badly needed to help people who are suffering from the pandemic.

Tomney also warned that the legacy of Trump could be defined by his refusal to sign the bill. Other Republican leaders also criticized Trump for his actions.

Biden said that millions of families do not know if they will be able to make ends meet due to Trump’s refusal to sign the covid relief bill. He added that congress had passed the bill with an overwhelming bipartisan majority. According to Biden, about 10 million Americans are expected to lose unemployment insurance benefits. Even the moratorium for evictions expires next week, and millions of people across the country will be homeless during the holidays unless the bill is passed.

This is not the first time Trump has shown his erratic nature. Even Republicans have no answer to his actions in recent months. The bill was negotiated by both parties for several months, and a bipartisan agreement was reached considering the urgent need for providing relief during the festival season. Apart from that, several benefits offered during the pandemic are set to expire shortly, and this is also another reason for the parties to put aside their differences and agree on some relief package. In this way, millions of Americans will be able to sail through the tough situation for some more time. The new administration that is all set to take charge of the office from January can do further in this regard and ease the situation for the Americans.

However, Trump is failing to understand that his own party members drafted the bill, and they were discussing the issue all these months with the other members. If Trump had a problem, he could have raised the issue long back in order to avoid this last-minute chaos. This irresponsible behavior has left millions of Americans in a frustrating situation as they do not even know if they would be getting some relief from the government in the near future.

Even though Biden wants to provide quick relief, he does not have the authority to process anything further at this stage till he takes charge of the office on January 20. Until then, there is no other option but to convince Trump to sign the bill that can provide temporary relief to millions of Americans who have lost jobs and are facing the threat of getting evicted from their homes.

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