Biden Campaign An Upward Reach To Women With Voters’ Engagement

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 8, 2020

Donald Trump’s 2016 election win may have been propelled by white working-class men, but another key group in that was a white woman with a college degree. In 2020, however, after four years of loud noise from mass people, there are signs that Trump failed to manage to hang on that constituency. Claudia Lukenbach- Boman said that “I really failed my fellow American citizens; I am extremely disappointed in myself and extremely disappointed to talk about it.” “If I had to vote again for Mr. Donald Trump, it would be as much fail as an American, but also a failure as a human being.

Biden campaign an upward reach to women with voters' engagement

Joe Biden’s Democratic presidential candidate is boosting up his outreach to the woman by releasing a blueprint outlining how his campaigning believes that Mr. Donald Trump has failed them and marshaling high profile women. Biden’s campaign will also mark The Women Equality Day on Wednesday. Former vice president Joe Biden and his running mate Harris from the Democratic Party are challenging President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from Republican Party in the November 3 presidential election. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., one of the great American politicians, has served as the 47th vice president of the United States. He was the vice president of the US from 2009 to 2017. From 1973 to 2009, he served as the United States Senator for Delaware.

The blueprint titled “Trump has failed the American Women,” Biden’s shits Trump for disbanding The White House Council on Women and Girls.”  Biden Administration will put in place a nationwide mask Mandate-it”s not a burden to protect each other.  Valerie Jarrett will play a role in Biden’s outreach; she co-chaired the council during the Obama administration. After heavily favoring Barak Obama in 2008 and 2012, many of these voters broke ranks to help Trump over the line, tripping the balance in crucial states. It ensured that every department and agency in the federal government looked at their policies, programs, and initiatives through a gender lens and asked themselves questions that are all these policies, programs, and initiatives supporting women and girls. It came to a sudden stop when Trump took office, said Jerrett in an interview.

If elected in November, Biden has pledged to create a new White House Council on Gender Equity. The council will allow The White House to resume the work said by Jerrett. Biden’s campaign also says the efforts of the Trump to weaken the Affordable Care Act have jeopardized the women with pre-existing conditions, including pregnancy, criticize for continuing to collect pay disparity data from medium and large employers only under court orders, and denounced Trump’s Department of Education for rolling back Obama policies made to ensure more rigorous investigation of campus sexual assault, rolled out back Obama era – rules ensuring that federal contractors must provide equal pay for women and reduced the value of the child and dependent care tax credit for many families. Trump has also taken aim at family medical leave, making it much harder to balance their professional and parental responsibilities.

Trump took each of these cruel steps- anti T women action before the coronavirus pandemic, and this Trump miss-managed response has magnified threats to women’s health and employment. And because of the coronavirus situation, women have been disproportionately laid off, leave the labor market, or otherwise left their jobs to take care of the families. Trump administration policies and their effects on specific constituencies are releasing in Biden’s campaign. He has failed women in so many ways, Whitman said of Trump. The fact that is emphasizing is what they would do, shows the huge gap between the two campaigns of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Plain and simple, Trump showed what we, in the legal profession, would call reckless disregard for the well-being of the American People said by Kamala Harris.

Biden’s pledges to create an act, The White House Council on Gender Equity in the documents to provide universal preschool education and also to improve women economic security and safety by working with Congress to pass the paycheck Fairness Act, which would punish those employers for retailing against workers who will share salary information and will sue for punitive damages in Wage Discrimination Act among other provision. Biden also made provision to make wage gaps transparent- The Obama- Biden administration required medium and large employers to collect and disclose compensation information by race, gender, and ethnicity to the federal government so it has better insights into pay disparities and could better target enforcement.

Biden will tackle this wealth gap, including by fighting for equal pay, ending other forms of workplace discrimination and harassment, encouraging and supporting women entrepreneurs and small business owners, making education and training more affordable, providing pathways into high- paying profession, expanding access to paid leaves and child care, and strengthening union organizing and collective bargaining. Both the Biden and Trump campaigns know that women’s support is necessary to their chance for success. In 2016, Trump took the vote of the White women nearly evenly with Democrat Hillary Clinton. Polls show that women are more likely than men to reconsider their support for Trump and that a potential historical gap is opening ahead this November.

Trump’s coronavirus response failures, efforts to undermine health care, and attempts to roll back equal protections have compromised women’s safety in America. But Joe Biden’s plan shows that we can live in a country where women are treated equally, where our health care needs are respected, and where our livelihoods are supported. But to get there, we must defeat Trump this November. We have less than 100 days to fight for women’s equality in this country. Let’s make every one count. These misguided actions are creating damaging consequences for the women and their families and further demonstrate how out of touch this administration is with women’s lives. Molinari said Trump’s focus on wooing “suburban housewives” with law-and-order rhetoric is a “patent diminution of who we are and what we are concerned about.”







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