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Biden Criticizes Trump As He Didn’t Prepare For Vaccinations

During a press conference at the National Institute of Health, President Joe Biden harshly criticizes his predecessor Donald Trump for his inappropriate dealings in making the country prepared for the vaccination procedures to wipe out the coronavirus pandemic from the country.

Officials said that hundreds of millions of extra doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been secured by Biden’s administration which is enough to immunize a considerable number of citizens of the country within the period when summer ends.

Biden Criticizes Trump As He Didn’t Prepare For Vaccinations

Currently, the country is all set with the contracts to get 600 million doses of both Pfizer and Moderna, which would be sufficient for the 330 million residents of the country to be immunized. 


The developers of both vaccines were asked to produce more doses by the government recently, and they could succeed in their attempt to meet the need to ensure every single citizen of America received both doses.

The scientists who developed it were also appreciated by Biden since they produced the doses despite the requirement being far higher. 

Biden tweeted that when he came to power, he could see no plan or enough supplies to vaccinate the country in a significant way.

However, he added that his team got right to work, and by today, the country could increase the weekly shipment of vaccines by nearly 30% and purchased sufficient numbers of doses to vaccinate all Americans.

Confronting the press, Biden said that when the scientists were working to discover a vaccine in record time, Trump was numb towards the preparations to overcome the massive challenge of vaccinating the whole of America.

Biden continued that his predecessor didn’t order enough vaccine doses, he didn’t mobilize sufficient numbers of people to administer the distribution and didn’t set up any federal vaccine centres that can be helpful for eligibles to go and receive their shots.

Biden’s remarks on his predecessor were followed by various reports on the Trump administration in groping of vaccine contracts.

There has been a huge burden on states which was left by Trump for vaccine program rollouts and failed attempts to provide promised doses to various areas that had been severely devastated by the spread of coronavirus.

There were various offers from the company of Pfizer vaccine to have the opportunity to purchase millions of extra doses during the month of December, but those also were neglected by Trump. 

Meanwhile, recent weeks were remarkable as the pace of the vaccination process was elevated, though many are still struggling to get appointed to receive their vaccine doses.

 In a later tweet, Biden thanked all the doctors, scientists, and researchers for their fights against the pandemic and saving lives.

The administration is presently on a mission to cover 300 million of the country’s population to be immunized by the end of July. 

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