President Biden Launches New Lung Health Initiative For The Veterans

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 17, 2021

President Biden has come up with a new initiative for the US veterans suffering from lung issues caused while on duty. The announcement came on Wednesday, on Veterans’ Day. He also plans to examine the connection of cancer with poor air breathed overseas.

President Biden Launches New Lung Health Initiative For The Veterans

The country is beginning to discover that there are numerous lung conditions that may happen due to breathing bad or poor air. A team of scientists is analyzing the consequences of inhaling bad air among those deployed in Southwest Asia.

President Biden Launches New Lung Health Initiative For The Veterans

The latest initiative in the field will start with lung conditions. As science discovers newer issues, the program will continue to widen its coverage.

Biden’s son had died of brain cancer at the age of 46. He was an Iraq war veteran. According to him, there may be a connection between his son’s cancer and the toxic air he breathed in during his deployment in Iraq. It may have come from the huge pits where the army burns its waste.

There are also plans to make it easy for veterans to file insurance claims based on the symptoms related to asthma and sinus issues. They will also get more time to file a claim.

Protecting your lungs

Science says, there is nothing called late or early to begin caring for your lungs. Given below are a few tips if you plan to be more kind to your lungs in the future:

  • Avoid smoking: Smoke from cigarette is one among the main causes of lung cancer. It also causes a condition named pulmonary obstructive disorder. It also narrows your airways. And you may find it difficult to breathe in some time. Chronic inflammation that results in chronic bronchitis is another complication that comes from smoking. If left unchecked, smoking destroys your lung tissues. This causes certain changes that may grow to become cancerous. If you find quitting beyond your capabilities, contact the lung association office in your area.
  • Stay safe from indoor pollution: Stay away from second-hand smoking and the chemicals that may cause indoor air pollution. Set up smoke alarms both in your house and in your cars. You should also avoid going out to exercise in the days when the air quality dips below the recommended range.
  • Protect yourself from infections: Infections may cause lasting damage to your lungs. This is of utmost importance for the elderly. Try to minimize direct contact with those suffering from any kind of lung infection. Wash your hands at regular intervals using soap and lukewarm water. You should also resist the temptation to touch your face every now and then.
  • Allocate some time to stay outdoors: The quality of air outdoors is much better than the same indoors. Set aside a few minutes every day to go out. Breathing a bit of fresh air is a must for your lungs to last long.
  • Improve the air indoors: You spend most of the day in the indoors. Replace your air filters at regular intervals. Use vacuums to get rid of dust. Wash your linens often.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is a must for your general well-being. It is also a must for your lungs to perform at their best. Water thins the mucus your lungs produce. Thus it makes it easier to go out. This is something that deserves particular attention for those suffering from lung infections.

Finally, do regular check-ups. Discuss all your concerns and ask all the questions you may have. Avoiding large gatherings during the flu season too will help a lot. If you have a cold or any other infection, try to stay at home.

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