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Biden Makes Huge Promises For A Covid-Free America

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday his plan to increase the country’s weekly vaccine supply by 16% and ensure the vaccination of  300 million Americans by the end of summer. 

He stated that it would be one of the most difficult challenges undertaken by the country. He also said that he plans to inform the state governments through an advanced notice on the vaccine quantity and distribution. 

Biden Makes Huge Promises For A Covid-Free America

They will also be provided with a 3-week forecast of the vaccine supply to arrange the smooth distribution. 

The Governors were quite happy with the provided time frame and said that the lack of such a timeframe may have been the reason why previously supplied vaccines weren’t effectively distributed. 

Also, by next week America will be receiving 10 million vaccine doses which will be continued for three weeks.

Biden referred to his vaccine distribution as a wartime effort and stated its importance due to the country’s massive loss of 4 lakh+ citizens.

Biden Makes Huge Promises For A Covid-Free America

He also expressed his concern of having setbacks of this plan and that America should always be prepared and strictly follow the covid guidelines.

Health officials and experts discuss the efficiency of Biden’s covid strategy by stating that if the government is successful in its mission, it would be the biggest turning point for America. But in case of failure, it would cause a serious black mark on his effectiveness as a President. 

Within his 6 days in the White House, Biden has already called for various nationwide actions bringing together the federal, state, and local governments as one single team to fight against the pandemic.

He also stated in his announcement that an estimated 1 million people would encounter infection and death by next month. 

Biden’s quick and consistent actions right within his few days as President to control the virus is well notable compared to the former president Donald Trump who took barely minimum measures. 

The two confirmed vaccines Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have not yet commented on Biden’s covid plan. 

Experts say that vaccine supply doesn’t equally mean its administration.  

But the White House argues that its current strategy to battle covid is much more effective than Trump’s inconsistent plans that left the state governments to deal with the issue themselves. 

But it has to be noted that although Biden has planned step-by-step measures to execute his strategy, there can be unexpected hindrances such as transport problems, storage problems which might delay the vaccine supply even though the distribution tactics are well planned. 

Some health experts state that there is even the possibility of a shortage of recipients and excess vaccines. 

Therefore there is a need to be prepared in advance to tackle these issues upon their unexpected occurrence and draw quick measures to handle the situation effectively. 

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