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Biden May Switch The Position Of White House In Trump’s Decisions

With Supreme Court delaying the decision regarding the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), the Biden administration expects to take a new method to present the case to the judiciary. 

The final decision regarding Obamacare has been delayed since last year when the Trump administration had restricted the Act in 2017.

Biden May Switch The Position Of White House In Trump’s Decisions

It was initially signed in March 2010 by the then-President Barack Obama. The Act aimed to provide health coverage to all uninsured Americans. 


Ever since then, many Republican advocates have constantly opposed the Act and with the arrival of the Trump administration, the Act was banned. 

It resulted in an estimated 23 million people losing their access to health insurance, including the members of Medicaid (state health program), thus impacting the low-income and unemployed individuals the most. 

Reversing the restriction on Obamacare is one of Biden’s various measures to tackle the Trump administration’s impact on the country.

Lawmakers and various democratic, as well as republican officials, remarked on Biden’s decision that new governments should be cautious enough before switching the White house’s position on previously imposed laws. 

Solicitor and former Supreme court lawyer for the Obama administration Justice Elena Kagan stated that changing the White House’s position in previously made laws should take enough time before imposing such huge actions. 

Solicitor General for the George Bush administration Paul Clement said in an online forum that in case of reasonable arguments, the Justice Department always defends the government laws at the Supreme Court. 

Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal who was also part of the Obama administration expressed that a second decision of the case by the Supreme Court is unlikely and that the Biden administration may attempt to provide the case in a new way. 

Clement stated that the Biden administration should be aware of their action as the Supreme Court has three justices who were appointed by Trump and therefore the case would be presented to a conservative court. He also said that the new acting Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar should be well prepared. 

Various other orders signed by Biden within his first week in the White House may also be controversial as most of them involve reversing the policies of the Trump administration. 

It includes cases such as the Mexico Wall, for which Trump had already spent a considerable amount of money. Apart from that, he had also called for $7billion for other actions as he was dissatisfied with the money provided to him for the wall construction by the Congress. 

Lower courts have formerly argued that Trump’s actions were illegal and the case kept moving through various courts while the Supreme Court permitted the wall construction. 

With the arrival of the Biden government and the immediate actions to reverse Trump’s policies, the U.S Justice Department waits to see the incoming decision of the Court as they believe that there isn’t much to be decided anymore. 

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