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Biden And Top Health Officials Caution Restraint To Avoid Another Covid-19 Surge

The president of the United States Joe Biden along with the Director of Center for Drug Control & Prevention (CDC), Dr. Rochelle Walensky have warned Americans not to let their guards down, lest the country would invite another surge in infections of the Coronavirus. 

Biden And Top Health Officials Caution Restraint To Avoid Another Covid-19 Surge

Biden said that it was necessary to follow public health guidelines and reinforce mask mandates to stave off the fourth phase of Covid-19, while Walensky warned of an ‘impending doom’ if citizens failed to follow the guidelines. 

Biden And Top Health Officials Caution Restraint To Avoid Another Covid-19 Surge

The warnings came as the president announced plans to increase vaccine supplies in retail pharmacies along with investments to make such vaccination centers accessible to all Americans. Over the course of the next five weeks, all Americans would be eligible to receive the vaccination shots. 

However, many states recently eased public restrictions and lifted the mask mandates, sparking fears of another virus surge across the nation. Joe Biden urged governors to reinstate the mandates, saying that the matter was ‘deadly serious’.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky also stated her fears of Covid-19 again gaining an upper hand in the battle. She warned that in absence of any immediate response towards the growing cases, the US could follow in the steps of European countries and suffer more mortality rates.  

Presently, the country is overseeing 60,000 cases per day, a 10% increment from the previous week. 

The president made a direct appeal to governors and state leaders to reinforce the mandates and pause any plans of further removing or easing the restrictions. 

The president elaborated on his plans for making vaccines available to every citizen within a 5 mile radius of their homes, though quick vaccinations would still depend on supply, he added. Biden also affirmed that by April 19, 90% of the US population would be eligible for vaccine shots. 

These announcements follow a directive issued by the president to make all Americans eligible for vaccinations by May 1. But many states started to lift the requirements expecting an increase in vaccine supply. 

The president announced the Federal retail pharmacy program as the most efficient location for administering vaccines, aas such stores are accessible by most Americans. The president further added that the country is expecting a delivery of 33 million doses of vaccines this week, with one-third of the number being the single shot dose of Johnson & Johnson. 

As per the CDC data, more than 1 in 5 American adults have been fully vaccinated. Biden urged fellow Americans to stand for each other and ‘fight to the finish’

The country’s top infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci joined voices with the president and the CDC director, appealing to officials and leaders across the US to maintain social distancing norms mask mandates, quoting that the nation is ‘doing things prematurely’. 

Walensky voiced her support for the feelings of the masses to return back to normalcy, however, warning that the rising cases have a direct correlation with the increased travelling and decreased restrictions in the country. 

The White House stubbed its ‘vaccine passport’ program, an initiative where immunization status of Americans can be verified. It said that the program is to be handled by the private sector. Other countries have set-up national database records to enable vaccinated people to get back to their pre-pandemic lives. 

The Biden administration has instead started developing guidelines for passports regarding privacy, accuracy and equity, though there has been no announcement of a timeline for the same. 

So far, the novel Coronavirus which emerged last year has infected more than 30 million Americans and is responsible for 548,000 deaths across the nation. 

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