President Biden Puts Pause On J&J, Safety Utmost Priority For Government

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 16, 2021

President Biden’s vaccination campaign has now a new stumbling block; the federal regulator’s request for a pause on the J&J single-dose vaccine.

President Biden’s vaccination campaign hit a snack when federal regulators on Tuesday announced a pause in administering the J&J’s single shot vaccine. According to the President, this is an important action that evaluates his calculated approach towards his campaign. Even with the pause of J&J vaccine, there is plenty of supply of the other two vaccines in the country at present. According to him, these vaccines themselves are enough to vaccinate every single American.

President Biden Puts Pause On J&J, Safety Utmost Priority For Government

The cause for concern today is not supply, but the blow to the public confidence in the vaccines in general. Surveys show that millions of Americans are still reluctant to receive the jab. And according to health experts, getting everyone vaccinated is a must for the country to win this race against the pandemic.

President Biden Puts Pause On J&J, Safety Utmost Priority For Government

The pause, actually, should boost people’s confidence in the vaccines. They should understand that the government gives utmost priority to safety. This request from the federal regulators should testify to how important safety is for the government. The move, as per their statement, will give them time to investigate further into the matter.

During the initial days of his time in office, President Biden stressed the need for a robust response to the crisis the nation is facing. The virus killed 559,000 countrymen.

As a result of his campaign, more than 50% of the adults in the country have received at least one dose of the vaccine. As the campaign gained momentum, the number of people reluctant to get the shot got lowered.

The White House received a hint of the coming warning just 12 hours earlier. And it did its bid to minimize people’s concerns in the matter. The task here was to present the decision in such a way as to convince the public of the commitment of the government to ensuring their safety. This was a must to prevent aggravating the already existing reluctance to get the job. They exhort the public to trust their commitment to maintaining the highest standards when it comes to their safety. And their approach is always conservative.

The pause, according to related sources, is a testament of President Biden’s measured approach to the delivery of the vaccines. This is the reason why his administration was reluctant to share the excess of vaccines the country received to the world. It expected setbacks like this. 

This way, the White House is trying to ensure people that there is sufficient supply of vaccines and that they will be safe. The senior officials and top experts use the best tools they have to ensure utmost safety to the general public.

J&J is definitely the most promising among the vaccines available at present. But it has always been in short supply. For this reason, it was just a small portion of the supply of the vaccines that is flowing into the country. The country still expects to have enough doses of the other two vaccines to vaccinate the entire adult population of the country. The two companies are supplying 28000000 doses of their vaccines to the country every week. And this will exceed the current strength of the campaign; up to 3000000 doses a day.

Officials acknowledge the fact that the sudden announcement has left some States off their guards. But this is the speed at which they should address concerns about safety. In fact, it is proof of the President’s commitment to let science lead the way. The top health officials also assured that they were not involved in the decision to request a pause of the J&J vaccines. It is the scientists who should guide the country.

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