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Biden Plans Another Trump Policy Reversal Rejoining U.N Human Rights Council

President Joe Biden will move to rejoin the U.N Human Rights Council which his predecessor Donald Trump withdrew three years ago during his administration according to the U.S officials.

This latest move from Biden added into one of his initial plans to reverse Trump’s policies. 

The officials said that the Secretary of the State Antony Blinken and a senior diplomat in Geneva are all set to announce today that Washington will return to the body that is based in Geneva.  

The latest plan would receive wider criticism from the conservative lawmakers and the majority from the community of pro-Israel.

Biden Plans Another Trump Policy Reversal Rejoining U.N Human Rights Council

During his power, Trump the major human rights body of the world back in 2018 he disagreed with its lack of focus on Israel.

Trump’s deed had to face large criticisms from nations across the world including the number of authoritarian countries among its members as it couldn’t meet an extensive list of reforms prepared by Nikki Haley, the U.S Ambassador in Trump’s administration. 

Since the council was stubborn with its focus on Israel, Trump took action with the membership of the body. Presently countries like Cuba, China, Russia, and Venezuela have their membership in the body, and all these countries have been accused of violating human rights. 

According to a senior official, the current administration believed that the council must be reformed still as it would be the best way to bring in remarkable changes to engage it in a principled fashion.

The official added that it can be a crucial forum for those across the world who battle against tyranny and injustice. The U.S has a motif to ensure it can live up to that potential.

Even after the announcement had come, the three faces and the official who were associated with the decision didn’t discuss the matter publicly and spoke under the condition of anonymity.

The officials also said that Biden’s administration wants to seek one among the three full-member seats which are presently occupied by Denmark, Italy, and Austria.

However, through the end of this year, the U.S will only have non-voting observer status on the council. Later this year, an election will come up for the three full-member seats which are from western Europe and other state groups.

The final choice is made by the U.N General Assembly after a vote that normally comes in 

October every year. It is conducted to select the country representatives to occupy the vacancies in the three-year terms at the state council that has 47 members in it.

The withdrawal by Trump from the council was one of the major cut downs from the international community while he was in power.

Trump also turned his face away from various international deals of world peace including the Paris Climate Accord, Iran nuclear deal, the World Health Organization, U.N Education and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, and several other arms control treaties. 

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