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Biden Plans To Reverse Trump’s Immigration Policy

Ever since Biden has undertaken his presidential charge, he has been reversing various policies of the Trump administration, one of which is reuniting the immigrant families separated by the U.S-Mexico border. 

He announced his various measures on Tuesday to undo the immigration policy which has separated countless families over the past 4 years. 

Biden Plans To Reverse Trump’s Immigration Policy

He has planned to sign executive orders on border security, family separation, and legal immigration. 

Homeland Security secretary nominee Alejandro Mayorkas is set to issue a task force on separated families, mostly focusing on reuniting parents and their children.

Biden Plans To Reverse Trump’s Immigration Policy

The U.S court documents state that around 5,500 children have been separated from their families due to Trump’s immigration policy. Around 600 parents are yet to be located. 

Border security consists of a policy that involves asylum seekers having to wait in Mexican border cities for U.S immigration court hearings. It acts as a step towards ending the Migrant Protection Protocols (also known as the Remain in Mexico Policy) which consisted of 70,000 asylum seekers ever since it came into effect in January 2019. 

The White House promised to build a humane asylum system by reversing Trump’s brutal policies that resulted in such violence and chaos. They also added that the modified immigration policy would take time to come into effect urging the immigration advocates to be patient. 

The White House is also set to perform a complete review of the legal immigration system which includes Trump’s Public Charge Rule. The rule restricts people from being eligible for green cards depending upon the government benefits they use. 

So far, it is unclear as to when Trump would be lifting the bans on work visas and green cards that occurred after the pandemic and also when he will be taking action to prevent authorities from immediately expelling immigrants at the border without granting them an opportunity to seek asylum. 

White House Domestic Policy Council for Immigration’s Deputy Director Esther Olavarria stated at the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting last month that Biden’s executive order would end the Remain in Mexico policy.

Trump had formerly set an agreement with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras for the United States to reject asylum applicants. With Biden reversing the immigration policy, it would enable asylum applicants to enter their preferred countries with the opportunity to gain protection there.

Biden had made various promises regarding immigration during his presidential campaign. But his immediate actions to keep his word within his first week in the White House surprised many immigration advocates. 

He had also proposed the legislature to provide legal status and citizenship to every individual within the country, which is said to be an estimated 11 million people. 

There are many more challenges which the Biden government yet has to face and enable Congress to pass the new actions which the previous U.S Presidents had failed to achieve. 

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