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Biden Promises To Make The Entire U.S Adult Population Eligible For Vaccines By April 19

President Biden has recently announced that he has pushed up his deadline of making the U.S adult population eligible for the vaccine, by two weeks. The earlier target was May 1. 

While visiting a pop-up vaccination site in Alexandria, Biden, said on Tuesday, that he has advanced his target for making U.S. adults eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine, by two weeks. 

Biden Promises To Make The Entire U.S Adult Population Eligible For Vaccines By April 19

This piece of announcement came as a ray of hope amid the nation battling with seemingly conflicting forces. The rate of vaccination rollout is increasing tremendously, but vicious new variants are constantly emerging. The death toll is plummeting, although, case numbers  and hospitalizations are soaring.  

Biden Promises To Make The Entire U.S Adult Population Eligible For Vaccines By April 19

The state officials of California had notified on Tuesday that they intend on abandoning all Covid-19 restrictions on June 15, given there are sufficient Covid-19 vaccines available for anyone aged 16 or above and hospitalization rates stay moderate and stable. Other states are already rescinding restrictions, in response of which Mr. Biden has urged not to let our guard down too soon and remain vigilant against the virus for a little longer.

The President believes that the virus has picked up its pace again owing to the fact that many people, upon thinking that the end is near, have resorted to pre-pandemic practices yet again. Hence, Biden duly reminded everyone that we are not at the finish line of the pandemic and we still have much work ahead of ourselves. 

The President has further mentioned about his pledge of supplying surplus vaccine to other nations, once it is ensured that there is sufficient for people back at home.

Biden had previously set the target of May 1 for states to avail immunizations for U.S adults. A week later, he informed that by April 19, nearly 90 percent of adults would become eligible for receiving an immunization jab and would be able to receive one within 5 miles of their abode.

Following the announcement for the new target, almost every state has accelerated its pace for vaccination drive. Most of the states are quickly catching up with the target and even finishing ahead of the deadline. The state of Oregon had said on Tuesday that those aged 16 or above will become eligible for the jab on April 19.

The toll is significantly increasing, as per a New York Times database, with 536 new casualties from Covid-19 and 76,624 new cases reported on Monday, in the United  States. The average of new cases per day is also naturally spiking, for instance, an average of 64,855 new cases each day was  reported over the last week, which accounts for a 20 percent increase in average cases per day as compared to the two weeks earlier. 

This has put the entire nation in a difficult situation. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, who serves as the director at CDC, is imploring state governors to not abandon restrictions. Simultaneously, she is also urging citizens to maintain social distancing measures, continue wearing masks and take other necessary precautions.  

However, in California, the numbers of cases are reportedly plummeting since reaching a peak early this year.  New cases per day are averaging around 2,700, which happens  to be the lowest figure since June of last year. Out of the state’s total population, 35 percent had received at least one jab, as of Monday, while 18 percent have been fully immunized.

The nation is administering the highest number of doses per day, in the world, with nearly 3 million doses being administered per day. Despite this, Biden has  reminded us that there is still more work to do.

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