Biden Is Quite Successful In Erasing The Mark Of The Former Guy

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 22, 2021

When the newly elected President Joe Biden entered the Oval Office for first as the president, a month before, his pens were already ready. There was a fine wooden box that bore the president’s seal and an imprint of Joe Biden’s signature. This micro mission was already accomplished even before his swearing ceremony completed. 4 years ago, when Donald Trump swore in as the president then pens became one of the little dramas in the White House. Those gold-plated signature pens favored by the then president were placed on rush order in his days as the newly elected president. After some time, he started favoring Sharpies over the pens issued by the government.

On matters which are far more important than a pen, President Biden has demonstrated the days of those pens and showy presidency are over.

Biden Is Quite Successful In Erasing The Mark Of The Former Guy

He is intended on showing that the inflationary cycle of the outrage can be contained easily. The things that can be done with the help of a book. The new president can easily erase the legacy of the ‘former guy’ as Biden calls Trump.

On policy front, style and symbolism, from the Earth’s climate to what is not on his desk (interestingly Trump’s button for summoning a Diet Coke), Biden is changing it. President Biden has been changing Trumpism. Though the opening stretch of Trump was much more calm while now the country is in turmoil and trouble unlike in the time of Trump.

Biden Is Quite Successful In Erasing The Mark Of The Former Guy

This test for President Biden that if his stylistic changes are matched by the policies that are being delivered with much more improvement from Trump’s policies won’t take long enough to check. Further, the span of Biden’s honeymoon is like to be very brief in the much highly polarized Washington. The Republicans are already stating that he has caved to the left-wing of the Democratic political party.

The first the U.S. witnessed President Biden in his Oval Office, a few hours after he had sworn in as the president with a mask on his face sitting behind the Resolute Desk.

Trump, on the other hand, has looked down upon the mask. Not only that, but he even made their use a culture one instead of the health need and added a political cudgel when thousands of Americans were dying every single day. The mask’s efficient use was warded off.

Although Biden wore a mask throughout his campaign, seeing it on the face of the new president at the desk in his Oval Office conveyed a different message altogether. Biden wanted to convey a different message which is a sharp break from the former president. This was done when his administration owned a deep and intractable crisis which awaits him.

His strategy has been working since even before the election and its campaigning began. Biden sitting at the desk signed a flurry of orders. The intention was very clear to unwind the former president’s agenda on immigration, pandemic and others while joining hands with international alliances again. And trying to assure those historic allies that the United States is a nation which can be relied upon.

There is a subtext under every one of the images that is being seen from the White House is that it’s ‘under new management’ as said by Rober Gibbs who was the press secretary under former President Barack Obama.

Whether showing subtly or overtly, the message which one wants to deliver without engaging with the previous president is to show that things are operating differently now. They want this to be understood by everyone that they operate differently now and will be getting better results now. He also placed Obama health law which Trump wanted to kill.

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