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Biden Rejects Trump’s Plan To Lift Bans On COVID-19 European Travels

On Monday, President Donald Trump said that he will lift the travel restrictions which were made due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Trump’s decision will exceed air travel from Europe and Brazil. 

The upcoming administration of Joe Biden has immediately rejected Trump’s proposal as the current COVID-19 cases broke all the previous records. 

Biden Rejects Trump’s Plan To Lift Bans On COVID-19 European Travels

Trump proclaimed that the restrictions could be lifted as the international travelers are asked to present their negative test results of COVID-19 or any evidence that they had already recovered. Hence the change would be started following from the 26th of January.

Biden Rejects Trump’s Plan To Lift Bans On COVID-19 European Travels

He said, as he was rescinding the order, that the moves could be eased safely and this could be the best way to continue with the measures to protect the citizens from the COVID-19 if enabling travels to resume safely.

Reports from the White House said that the travel restrictions will remain in place for countries including Iran and China since both of these countries incorporated with the U.S to fight against the virus.

Since last March, the Trump administration has been restricting visitors from Europe. After a couple of months, the Brazilian entry ban was imposed by the administration. 

A spokeswoman of Biden, Jen Psaki, tweeted that the new administration plans to block the move by Trump. 

She added that the administration has no plans to lift these restrictions on 26/1, according to what they were advised by their medical team.

Whereas, they are planning to further mitigate the spread of the coronavirus pandemic by strengthening public health measures around international travel.

She also tweeted that during the condition in which more contagious variants of the coronavirus are emerging across the world, this is not the appropriate time to lift the bans on international travel.

The director of the global migration and quarantine division in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Marty Cetron said that the entry bans were an opening act strategy to address the virus spread and for now, it should be considered actively.

Around 95% and more travel were reduced from some European countries when the travel restrictions were imposed.

Hence, it was a great hope for airlines when the new testing requirements were planned to administer. The airlines had pressed senior White House officials also regarding the issue in the past few days.

How Trump handles the pandemic and the pace of the vaccination campaign have already received many criticisms, including from Biden. 

Biden recently said that the administration of Trump was falling far behind in the process of distributing COVID-19 vaccination shots among people.

He also made a recent promise that his first concern would be elevating the pace of the vaccination process after he takes office.

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