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Biden Revamps Multiple Trump Policies On His First Day

Reports from Washington said that the legacy of Trump’s policies would be turned over by Biden, once he takes office.

During the early hours of his administration, the President already set to sign a series of executive actions which come in contrast with the orders made by Trump on areas like immigration, climate changes as well as policies made on behalf of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden Revamps Multiple Trump Policies On His First Day

Trump put an initiative to build a border wall between the U.S and Mexico, which Biden will stop on Wednesday.

Apart from this, his aides said on Tuesday that Biden would sign on other documents to put an end to travel restrictions from certain countries in which the majority of the population is covered by Muslims, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organisation as well as to revoke the approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Biden Revamps Multiple Trump Policies On His First Day

The orders would be signed by Biden immediately after he swore on to take office at the Capitol. 

To overturn the policies of the previous administration at a striking speed, 15 executive actions are on the queue. Before Biden, there were only two presidents who signed executive actions on their first day in office. Even though, What Biden is about to do comes for the first time in U.S history with signing multiple actions at a time. He was forced to do such an action as the country is being terribly attacked by the deadly pandemic. His intent is on demonstrating the sense of urgency and competence which lacked when Donald Trump was in power.

Biden already chose Jeff Zients to lead a new office in the White House which intended to coordinate the refurbished measures towards the pandemic.

Referring to the presidential inauguration, Zients said that he thinks the day of Biden’s inauguration would be new, and that is the most important thing to say. 

Biden’s orders not only stand within the pandemic but with all the regulations and executive actions taken by his predecessor which are harmful to both the environment and public health. 

Through the revamped policies, he prioritized racial equality, revoked the order to exclude non-citizens from the census, and would order the federal employees to take an ethics pledge to make them committed to upholding the Justice Department’s independence. 

The incoming domestic policy advisor of Biden, Susan Rice said that the recently issued report of Trump’s 1776 Commission which intends patriotic education would also be reversed by the new administration.

The new president plans a chain of other actions in the coming days, redirecting the country itself. 

The press secretary of the new administration, Jen Psaki said that the actions that Biden would take on Wednesday focus to provide immediate relief across the county.

She also said that the ban of the Pentagon on military service by transgender Americans will also be replaced by Biden. 

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