Biden Set To Reopen Carrizo Springs For The Immigrant Minors

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 5, 2021

After Biden signed the executive orders for reversing Trump’s immigration policy and reunite the separated families at the U.S-Mexico border, he now plans to provide housing for migrant teenagers and kids at the overflow facility in Texas which was previously closed by Trump. 

According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (an agency in the Department of Health and Human Services), the facility located in Carrizo Springs, Texas will house an estimated 700 migrant children within the next two weeks. 

Biden Set To Reopen Carrizo Springs For The Immigrant Minors

They also said that the temporary Influx Care Facility will be used for children aged 13 and older who have been tested covid free. 

Although Biden is making quick measures to undo various policies made by the former President, the pandemic is posing a major challenge for these actions to be put into effect as covid cases are rising every day. 

Biden Set To Reopen Carrizo Springs For The Immigrant Minors

An official at the White House stated that due to the pandemic, it is uncertain as to how many children the housing facility be able to occupy. 

The official who talked on the basis of anonymity added that it is necessary to ensure sufficient capacity for the facility to be able to follow social distance measures and other covid guidelines. 

Biden’s other executive orders include reviewing Trump’s Migration Protection Protocols, also known as the Remain in Mexico policy which forced migrant asylum seekers to remain in their country until court hearings. 

Back in November, U.S District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan called for the then ruling Trump administration to stop expelling minor migrants. He said that such actions violated the legal measures established by Congress to protect the child. 

But last week a three-member panel of circuit judges allowed the U.S border officials to resume the practice. 

Human Rights First managing attorney Alysha Welsh stated that while Biden has vowed to not expel any more immigrant minors, his strategy of housing facility should be able to provide sufficient facility for these children to reside. 

Welsh also stated that she and her team will closely monitor Carrizo Springs to ensure that the children are treated well like in a state-licensed facility. 

She added that after six weeks if the reviews aren’t good, necessary actions will be taken.

Carrizo springs facility was previously shut down during the time of the Trump administration in July 2019 due to its poor conditions.

The Office of Refugee Settlement referred to Biden’s measure as a crucial step in helping the orphan/unaccompanied, homeless children from staying in the country border and help gain access to basic requirements of schooling, livelihood, and physical and mental health. 

The Flores Settlement agreement said that unaccompanied immigrant minors crossing the U.S border should be safely transferred to a government rescue shelter within 20 days. 

It is stated that the migrant children at Carrizo Springs will be released to a sponsor within 30 days. 

San Antonio Immigration Attorney Linda Brandmiller expressed that she was quite astonished by Biden’s decision of reopening the facilities. 

With the increasing number of migrants at the border waiting to find a home in America in the middle of the pandemic, Biden is faced with the greatest challenge to provide all the individuals especially the unaccompanied minors with welfare and safety. 

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