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Biden Set To Resume Obamacare Amongst His Covid Strategy

Amongst Biden’s various measures to ease the pandemic such as his $1.9 trillion covid strategy and additional financial support for his citizens, he has also decided to reopen Obamacare for maximum control of the virus.

An executive order will be signed by Biden for its reopening on Thursday.

Biden Set To Resume Obamacare Amongst His Covid Strategy

Obamacare also referred to as The Affordable Care Act or ACA was signed by President Barack Obama in 2010. 


The Act aimed to help provide health insurance for all Americans. It protected the citizens from insurance company frauds that resulted in huge hospital charges or expensive care. 

Obamacare also helped individuals particularly those with low income cover their insurance plans.

It also ensured that insurance companies will not deny any American insurance or claim high charges for the chosen financial plan if the individual had a health problem or any pre-existing medical condition before the date of the new health plan starts. 

Despite the increased number of Americans who don’t have any insurance and suffer from unemployment, the Trump administration had always refused to bring back Obamacare even after various requests. 

Trump was always finding ways to limit the program or ban it entirely. In 2017, he passed a tax bill to end the act. 

A supreme court decision regarding this bill is to be expected this year.

The White House has made no comments upon Biden’s order. Two officials from his administration stated that the order would take some time to come into effect.

White House also plans to provide time for the Department of Health and Human Services to organize a new marketing campaign to enable insurance companies to prepare for new customers. 

Obamacare covers an estimated 23 million people through various private insurance in all states. It expanded Medicaid, which is a federal and state program to help deal with the medical costs of the poor and low-income people.

Biden’s order would directly impact the federal insurance market that is currently serving 36 states. 

Once the insurance companies are opened, it will also encourage more people to join Medicaid.

But Biden’s order has to be passed first which would require approval from Congress and sufficient votes from the Republicans. 

White House Press Secretary and Advisor Jen Psaki stated on Tuesday that Biden is focusing on reversing the laws set by Trump and increase employment opportunities. 

She also added that Biden believes people should have complete access to health care facilities. 

Studies show that before the coronavirus pandemic there were an estimated 28 million Americans without health proper health insurance. 

The non-profit organization Kaiser Family Foundation which serves as the source for health policymakers stated that an estimated 16 million people were eligible for Medicaid through Obamacare. 

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