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Biden Set To Reverse Trump’s Abortion Restrictions

President Joe Biden signed a memorandum on Thursday regarding abortion restrictions formerly imposed by Donald Trump. 

During the signing ceremony at the Oval Office, he stated that he would be reversing Trump’s actions against woman’s health care services.

Biden Set To Reverse Trump’s Abortion Restrictions

Biden added that the new changes will bring back Title X to its former state and that these measures are applicable both within the country and abroad.

Biden Set To Reverse Trump’s Abortion Restrictions

Title X is a government-funded family planning program that provided treatments to more than 4 million people before the Trump administration imposed the Mexican City Policy (also known as the global gag rule). 

The Mexico City Policy is a U.S government policy against the funding of abortion centers and facilities by non-profit organizations. Biden’s new health measures will include banning this policy.

Title X provides facilities such as breast and cervical cancer screenings, contraceptives, educational resources, and tests for HIV or STDs but not abortions. 

The Trump administration had previously imposed the policy back in 2017 in order to cover U.S Global health funding. It helped to make profits for various other treatments and diseases but the healthcare centers weren’t allowed to perform or discuss abortion. 

Although the Mexican Policy was first imposed by the Republican administrations, it was removed by the Democratic government. 

A review published by the State Department in 2020 stated that Trump restricting the funding of the foreign non-profit organizations that aid in abortion has also impacted treatments for various illnesses such as HIV and tuberculosis mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nairobi’s reproductive health nurse and former clinic director at Family Health Options Kenya, Melvine Ouyo stated that they helplessly lost so many lives and it was a brutal decision by the Trump administration. She also added that women from minority groups were impacted the most.

Abortion advocates and other health experts said that such strict restrictions against abortion have impacted the health of so many women and forced them to opt for illegal and dangerous measures.

When Trump first attempted to impose the Mexican city policy, it was faced with objections from many health advocates, organizations, and was blocked by the Federal Court.

But upon its passing by the 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals, many health clinics, Title X patients, and Title X sub divisions dropped out of the policy and as a result, lost their treatment funds.

Communications Director for the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association Audrey Sandusky stated the necessity of reversing the policy as soon as possible as many health centers are struggling with a lack of funds. 

She added that an estimated 1.5 million lost their access to Title X and were forced to have no money for treatments. 

Jeanne Shaheen, Democratic Senator of New Hampshire stated that she will be re-imposing the Global HER Act which would permanently ban the Mexico City Policy. 

She remarked Trump’s actions as shameful for not only implementing but expanding the policy beyond U.S borders. 

Various government officials, health advocates, and organizations are waiting for the policy to be reversed and Biden’s new action to be put into effect. 

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