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Biden To Move Forward With Covid Plan Without Republican Support

President Joe Biden met with 10 Republican Senators on Monday to discuss his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. 

The Republican senators put forth an alternative proposal for the Covid plan by providing $618 billion for the unemployed and backward sections of the society and funds for vaccine distribution, education, and business loans. 

Biden To Move Forward With Covid Plan Without Republican Support

The meeting lasted for 2 hours and the seniormost Republican Senator Susan Collins appreciated Biden’s efforts by stating that he had spent enough time discussing the various aspects of the covid relief and that it was an excellent meeting. 

Biden To Move Forward With Covid Plan Without Republican Support

She also said that there were various differences in opinions but they had agreed to talk further and make the necessary decisions. 

Even though Biden had agreed to take a bipartisan approach, he stated that the Republican party’s covid relief package was extremely insufficient. 

But being confident enough in his own measures he was determined to go ahead with the American Rescue Plan which ensures the economic recovery of the nation instead of the GOP plan which only ensures funding of the state and federal governments.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that despite varied opinions between both the parties, the President remarked that Congress should respond with their opinions as soon as possible. 

She also said that Biden addressed the Republican legislators by stating that he is hopeful in passing the Rescue Plan through bipartisan support but equal funds must be provided in order to have it under effect.

Biden also said that the American Rescue Plan is specially developed to tackle the various economic crisis at the moment and therefore requires a collective effort. 

It is stated that if through bipartisanship, 10 GOP votes would be enough to help the Biden administration move forward with the plan instead of spending time on filibuster or undergoing another budget negotiation. 

But the Democrats prefer to have a larger fund in order to take sufficient measures to fix the country.

White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had filed in for a joint budget before the President’s meeting with the Republican Senates in order to pass the rescue plan through reconciliation.  

As the Senate is evenly divided, it would enable the Biden administration to take further action without GOP support. 

Republicans are said to be frustrated as Biden had arranged the covid relief package criteria without their inputs and therefore is determined to point out the President’s previously made promises on bipartisanship.

They had planned to provide funds for unemployed and low-income individuals, $160 billion for vaccine supply and $20 billion for additional individual funds, educational and business requirements.

But the Biden government which includes Obama veterans is reluctant to allow the GOP’s plan in order to dictate or slower their response.

The White House is quite confident in its plan’s effectiveness compared to the Republicans’ and expects to have it in effect soon.

A survey states that approximately 71% of Americans prefer to have both parties’ collective effort whereas the rest 25% expect the GOP to just remain in check with the Democratic government.  

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