Biden Will Be Addressing The Americans On Increasing Omicron Cases

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 20, 2021

The US has seen an alarming rate of increase of the new variant Omicron and the president is concerned over the surge in the winter cases especially after the gatherings and traveling. Biden administration has so far laid down many guidelines to combat the emergence of new infections including masking and vaccinations. But to make them more relevant, the President wishes to address the people of America on Tuesday.

Biden Will Be Addressing The Americans On Increasing Omicron Cases

There has been a massive report of 120,000 new cases in the US and in just 48 hours, statistics say that the Omicron might become the dominant strain of the US, something the Americans had never anticipated.

Biden Will Be Addressing The Americans On Increasing Omicron Cases

The White House officials have been tracking the increase in Omicron cases very closely and this declaration from the part of an expert is quite prominent. The doctors are analyzing the cases every minute to keep a check on the numbers. But, every data is pointing blankly towards the stark truth that the cases are rising.

President Joe Biden and his health officials have been promoting masking mandates and also stressing on getting the two shots of either Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna. Even the boosters should be given as per the requirements. To date, almost half the population has been fully vaccinated and a majority section still hasn’t received the boosters. 

Biden administration is looking at those matters with concern and has been trying to provide as many options as possible to give vaccinations. He is, however, worried about those who haven’t got a single dose and is reluctant in doing so especially on the Democratic side of America. Also, vaccination comes as an important criterion for those who are vulnerable to the disease because of co-morbidities.

To sneak into these loopholes and give some more updates, the President wishes to announce new steps to issue on the uprising cases. They have already given many guidelines and suppose to provide some more.

The President has warned of the rough winter earlier especially for the unvaccinated people. Also, this time of the year is a time of social gatherings, outdoor events, and festivities. Hence, the administration finds it necessary to up the security levels in response to the rising cases of Covid-19 and assist those communities who need help.

Earlier, White House officials have already announced that with the huge availability of vaccines, America is now in a good position to fight back the calamity, at least better than in 2020, when we were confronting an entirely new wave of viral attacks. We needed a lot of time to unravel the possibilities and chances of infections incurred by the new variant.

Yet, the Biden administration feels that they are ready this time. If at all the Omicron strain is weak, then they are quite sure that the vaccines should help, besides the other guidelines that have been set forward for the Americans.

There is news, that the Biden administration has got some new data from the medical experts which he might be sharing with this fellow countrymen in order to make them more aware of the situation. It is true that the Omicron’s transmissibility is tremendous and is outnumbering any previous strain. So, it is on part of the administration, to guide its people, so that maximum cases can be handled. The President would be addressed directly to the people of America to warn them of the severities.

Omicron is almost doubling every two days and new cases are been reported every minute. Biden administration and his officials have pledged to stay beside its people in this dire situation. In spite of the stir with the Johnson&Johnson vaccines (not an mRNA vaccine), the health experts still want people to get inoculated with the mRNA vaccines. The experts believe that it is the only weapon that can save the lives of Americans and every other country.

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