Biden Will Be Tested Frequently For The Coronavirus

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 5, 2020

In a latest report that has been issued it is being said that Biden will have to go through a number of COVID tests just to make sure that he has not contracted the virus.

Biden will be tested frequently for the coronavirus

A person familiar with the Democratic nominee’s assessments claims that the candidate is tested every time he flies. These are tough times, and they might get worse if Biden also tests positive. It has not been many days that Biden and Trump had come face to face during their debate. The entire Trump family was not wearing a mask. Trump also made fun of Biden by saying that you just cannot see him without a mask and he carries one biggest one to every campaign.

Biden has always been cautious and has followed the norms, but now as he was also one of the people who came in contact with Trump, there is a chance that he might get the infection. People of the United States are scared and panicked, but the situation is being handled and is under control. The tests are going on, and every corner of the White House is being sanitised properly. You never know which corner might have the virus sitting over it, waiting for someone to become a carrier. His campaign said Saturday that any test Biden takes would be exposed. “We have encountered stringent, and far-reaching protective practises suggested in our campaigns, including welfare distancing, mask wear and other precautions by public health professionals and physicians,” campaign Speaker Andrew Bates said in a statement. “Vice President Biden is periodically checked, and the findings of each evaluation will be released.”

At the beginning of September, Kate Bedingfield, the deputy campaign manager, told press releases that Biden had been tested every week, but it had gone up with his journey increasing in the past few weeks. On Friday, hours after the Trump announced its diagnosis — and days later both shared the phase in the First Presidential Debate, the former Vice President announced that it was testing for the coronavirus. Biden told reporters Saturday, after attending mass in Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday morning two days after flying to Michigan, Grand Rapids, he will be screened for coronavirus again. According to a person with knowledge of the debate, Biden and Trump’s podiums, 12 foot and 8 inches apart, were put in the debate on Tuesday night. “We have to take this virus seriously. It doesn’t immediately go anywhere,” said Biden. “To be open, we have to do our part. It means pursuing research, listening to the facts, washing our hands, social distancing. It means actively wearing a mask. It means inspiring people to do so as well.”

The latest discoveries surrounding coronavirus reinforce that it is a key problem in this campaign, a campaign official said. “The official added,” It’s about who Americans trust to keep the epidemic under control and to protect them and how to bring the nation back to work. The official reiterated that the campaign would make such knowledge public if Biden were to ever test positive for coronavirus. On Friday, Biden’s team removed the offensive advertising, going after Trump’s test with all-positive tweets, a campaign aide said. Trump has been admitted to Walter hospital and the negative ads that were there have been removed. Speaker Tim Murtaugh told CNN the Trump campaign did not make a similar move in response to the Biden campaign’s decision to pull the offensive ads.

There are a lot of tests that have been done for Biden to make sure that everything is fine with him. No one is ready to take a chance, and that is why they are trying the best for Biden. One candidate is not well, and his condition is also not stable, and if the other one also gets the virus, then this will be a cause of concern for the people. One the other hand Biden has said that these are tough times and all we need is to pray for Trump and the country. He also said that we need positivity all around and has got all the negative ads and banners removed. Though Trump is a competitor, Biden and his family are consistently praying for his health and have urged people to pray for his speedy recovery.

In one of the interviews, he has also said that we all are humans and we must keep that in mind. No matter if he is my competition or rival, I am a human being, and I must show concern and pray that he gets well soon. The officials have informed that the ones who are getting the positive reports have been isolated and if the need arises, then will be sent to the centres to get themselves treated. A public issue will also be passed that the people must not panic and stay indoors. If they were a part of the campaigns or went to the place where Trump has been present, then it will be better that they get the tests done and inform the authorities about the same.

Now this cannot be expected from the Trump campaigns. One of the biggest hurdles that the elections have to face is what will happen to the debates and the campaigns that have been lined up. You just cannot ignore them and the investment that has been done on them is also not small. Now that Trumo is not well it is not going to be safe for him to be a part of the campaigns even after he gets recovered. Biden on the other hand is taking it at a slow pace now and will be handling the things personally. He is all worried about the President but is equally responsible that there is not a case of panic in the country. All the precautionary measures are being taken and the things are being done on a more serious level ow. If Trump would have been responsible and serious towards the virus then the scenario might have been entirely different.



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