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Biden’s Favorability Rises To 55%; Trump Dips To 42%

The favorability rating of president-elect Joe Biden is at 55% according to a new survey done by Gallup. The approval rating for Trump is at 42%, which is down three points from where it was before the elections. Donald Trump had the highest approval rating of 49% in February.

Biden’s Favorability Rises To 55%; Trump Dips To 42%

The increase in favorability for the new President-elect was primarily driven by Independents and Republicans. The positive rating from Democrats remained steady during this period. The situation was not the same for Donald Trump as the dip in his favorability rating came largely from Republicans. He lost close to six points within the group and now stands at 89%.

Biden's Favorability Rises To 55%; Trump Dips To 42%

Political analysts feel that the new President-elect Biden getting increased favorability is not surprising, as the trend has always been that the person winning the election will get a better approval rating immediately after the election results are out.

Only in the 2016 elections, the favorability rating of Donald Trump did not improve much as several surveys found that he was the most unpopular presidential candidate in history.

When it comes to losing candidates, they have had mixed favorability changes in the past. In the 2016 elections, the rating for Hillary Clinton did not change even after the election results. On the other hand, the losing candidates of the 2012 and 2008 elections saw an increase in rating after losing the elections to Obama.

This survey was done when Trump refused to concede to Biden. This might have had an impact on the people who voted in the survey. Even though Trump tried his best to file several lawsuits challenging the election results, none of them was very successful, and most States have now begun to certify the election results. So far, there has been no change in the election results after the states have started to certify them officially.

The Trump campaign still continues to make baseless allegations of voter fraud during the US 2020 elections. Donald Trump is yet to concede to Biden.

The poll was conducted from November 5th till 19th and consisted of a random sample of more than 1000 adults from all the 50 states. The margin of sampling error is in the range of four points.

This has not surprised many people as Donald Trump has lost credibility even among Republicans. Many of the Republican supporters have openly criticized the behavior of Trump after the election results. Even before the election results were announced, it was evident that the Trump campaign had made all arrangements to file several lawsuits to challenge the election results in battleground States. If the results were close enough, the Trump campaign would have had some amount of success in these regions. However, Biden had a clear edge over Trump in most of the battleground states, and the baseless allegations of the Trump campaign were discarded by the federal courts.

The Trump campaign did not stop at this and went ahead with other lawsuits. Considering these allegations, several States have now started to certify the election results. There has been no change from the original outcome, and this goes on to show that there were no instances of voter fraud in the general elections. Even though the Trump campaign made several allegations on the electoral process, they were not able to provide any sort of evidence to the courts.

In this situation, the attempts of the Trump campaign were severely criticized by the courts as they felt that this was an effort to malign the reputation of the electoral process. The Trump campaign changed several lawyers during the process, and they were not able to prove their allegations in the court. Most of the allegations made by the Trump campaign would only impact a  small percentage of votes that would not have any impact on the final outcome in any manner. It was clearly evident that Donald Trump wanted to delay the process by filing lawsuits.

The latest polls indicate that the popularity of Biden is likely to increase in the near future when he gets to handle several important issues concerning the covid-19 and the economic situation. A stimulus package may also be given in the early months of 2021, and this can give some boost to the economy and further improve the favorability of the new President.

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