Bill Clinton, Was Sent To The Hospital With An Illness, But He Is Now ‘on The Mend

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 18, 2021

Bill Clinton was taken to the California State University Irvine Medical Center’s critical care unit on Thursday due to a urinary tract infection that had spread to his bloodstream, according to his physicians, who spoke to the media.

Bill Clinton, Was Sent To The Hospital With An Illness, But He Is Now ‘on The Mend

“He was taken to the intensive care unit for careful observation, and IV antibiotics, as well as fluids, were given to him. He stays in the hospital for the duration of his treatment for incessant monitoring head of medicine at the University of California,” Dr. Alpesh Amin, Irvine Community Hospital, and Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s own primary physician, released a joint declaration Thursday evening. They claimed that Clinton had been in the critical care unit for his own privacy and protection rather than because he required intensive care.

Bill Clinton, Was Sent To The Hospital With An Illness, But He Is Now 'on The Mend

Again according to his physicians and his team, Clinton is in excellent spirits and is conversing with family and staff. He has also been up walking, which is encouraging. Doctors reported that “after 2 days of therapy, his number of white blood cells is going downward, and that he is responding well to medicines.” “We are hopeful that he will be able to return home shortly.”

In California for just a private foundation event, Clinton had been feeling tired on Tuesday and was sent to the hospital following tests, as according to his office. Clinton was released from the hospital on Wednesday. As a “representative of both of them,” Hillary Clinton attended the ceremony on Thursday evening and then proceeded to the hospital to be there with the former President, according to a Clinton spokesperson quoted by the media.

Following the announcement that former President Bill Clinton will be admitted to the California State University Irvine Medical Center near Orange, California, around October 14, 2021, Hillary Clinton exits the building. In a statement, the former President’s physicians said that urologic infections are extremely frequent in elderly individuals and are readily treated, despite the fact that they may spread rapidly to the bloodstream. From now until Friday, Clinton will be given intravenous antibiotics, after which he will most likely be transferred to an oral antibiotic regimen. According to the physicians, all of his vital signs are stable at this time.

Clinton, 75, had triple bypass major surgery in 2004 and also had two stents placed to unblock one artery in 2010. Clinton has a history of heart disease. His physicians, on the other hand, emphasized that his hospitalization was neither linked to his heart nor to Covid-19. Former President Bill Clinton’s spokesperson, Angel Urena, said on Thursday that Clinton is “on the upswing” and in “excellent spirits.”

“President Clinton was hospitalized to the University of California, Irvine Medical Center on Tuesday evening for treatment of an illness that Covid did not cause. He is on the mend and in good spirits, and he expresses his gratitude to the physicians, nurses, and other staff members who have provided him with great care. “Urena shared her thoughts.

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