Bird Flu Found In West Tennessee- TN Poultry Exhibit Ends

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 19, 2022

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture has finally ended the valley fair poultry exhibit. It happened because a case of bird flu was detected in the country following the exhibit. To control the situation, all the possible kinds of poultry shows and exhibitions, including the sale events, have been restricted until and unless the situation is not under control. Bird flu is expected to be very highly pathogenic influenza. If it is not cured within time, it would automatically be responsible for becoming a pandemic affecting the entire country. This show was conducted on 11th September. 

After the entire celebration and event closure, all the people who participated in the exhibit will return and become carriers of bird flu. If the movement of these people is not tracked on time, it can spread the infection across the Length and width of the country. It is very crucial for the help of the country to try its best to prevent the virus from spreading. 

That is why the government is issuing the maximum amount of directives according to which if any poultry worker or poultry farm owner encounters bird flu or dies due to the same, then it is expected on their part to report to the government officials as soon as possible so that they can take the preventive measures. All the protocols have been put into practice, and a consolidated effort is being made to take control of the situation. 

Instances Of The Same

Even though only one case of this infection has been detected, this is not all. Many of the cases are still unreported. According to the data collected from the state veterinarian’s office, there has been a sudden increase in the number of sick birds. It is advised to the people that contact with the birds must be avoided for the time being. 

 Bird Flu Found In West Tennessee- TN Poultry Exhibit Ends

Not only this but also attempts must be made to reduce the chances of consumption over time so that the infection does not spread to human beings. All the commercial and private poultry farms are under control. This active communication can easily spread from one person to another, even by the slightest contact. It is necessary to observe the birds and their behavior so that if any unusual behavior is observed, it can automatically be reported to the doctors to take control of the situation.

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Ways of the government to handle the same

The government does not want an epidemic; to prevent such a situation, it is trying its best. It is constantly monitoring poultry farms, and at the same time, it has even established a surveillance zone. 

It has been converted into the form of a website that can keep a light track of all the clocks that have tested positive and are under the supervision of health experts. It is also helpful to restrict the poultry movement so that the disease does not spread from one poultry farm to another. The government is also concerned about mitigating all the possible opportunities for Transmission between these flocks and human beings. The government also lacks vaccination to prevent bird flu, especially in humans. 


This particular poultry premises can help restrict the movement so that preventive measures can be effectively put into the picture. Many people have been infected due to this problem, and it is high time that an effective solution can be developed. The government is expecting maximum support from the people so that this problem can be easily prevented together without confusion.


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