The Birds In Kentucky Were Found To Be Infected With Avian Influenza

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 18, 2022

Birds are an important part of our ecosystem. We have seen this species flourish over the years. There are many types of birds we come across, but not all are used for commercial purposes. Some move around freely, some are kept in the zoological parks while some are used for economical purposes.

The Birds In Kentucky Were Found To Be Infected With Avian Influenza

Humans have found different ways to commercialize business with birds. They are stored and used for feathers, egg production, and meat as well. Using birds for business or commercial purposes is known as Poultry.

The Birds In Kentucky Were Found To Be Infected With Avian Influenza

Poultry is a type of animal husbandry in which birds are raised domestically to provide services to humans in meat, eggs, and feathers. Poultry animals include Chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese, these are the main poultry birds.

Other poultry birds come with local interests like guinea fowl and squabs. Poultry has developed the largest domestic animal stock in the world and poultry meat is the fastest-growing component of global meat production in the early 21st century. Poultry meat and eggs are important sources of affordable high-quality protein.

These days poultry is in much demand around the globe listing a variety of advantages to both the poultry farmers and the consumers. For poultry farmers, it is a fast and continuously growing business that generates steady profits.

For the consumers, it is beneficial for their health as it provides nutritionally beneficial food containing high-quality protein and a low proportion of fat. On a personal affair, People enjoy raising baby poultry maybe in their backyards including chicks, ducklings, and many more, with the main reason to have fresh eggs and sometimes meat.

There are many agricultural industries around the world but chicken breeding is one of the most advanced and scales industries. Over the years, we have come across a lot of viruses affecting livestock and birds are no special. There are a variety of viruses that can affect poultry birds if not taken properly care of. Although exciting and fun, poultry farming needs extensive work on the flock to raise and maintain their lifestyle.

Some of the basic disease control and precautionary measures include Strict sanitary precautions, the intelligent use of antibiotics and vaccines, and the widespread use of cages for layers and confinement rearing for broilers.

There is a variety of viruses that affect these poultry animals namely fowl typhoid, pullorum, fowl cholera, chronic respiratory disease, fowl pox, avian leukosis complex, avian infectious hepatitis, infectious bronchitis and so many more. 

One disease has been recently being noted and known as Avian Influenza. It is a disease mainly caused by the infection with avian (type of a bird) influenza (flu) Type A viruses. It occurs naturally, mainly among wild aquatic birds but spreads to domestic poultry and other bird and animal species as well.

However, like any other virus, it does not affect humans. Simply it can be referred to as a highly contagious virus affecting several food-producing species globally. Wild birds are the main natural hosts for avian viruses.

Avian influenza has gained much popularity in recent years as it has serious consequences on livestock and international trade as well. However, monitoring and controlling the spread of avian influenza will help decrease the ill effects of the virus. In recent times, Kentucky is one such nation that faces the threat of this virus. 

It has been observed that with avian influenza person to person transmission is rare. But is very much possible among birds when in contact with infected birds. Over the recent years, we have seen many viruses come and go and with proper care and precautions, even this virus will have to weaken its foothold. 

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