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Births In The USA Noted A Steeper Decline In 2020

Practically, it’s not the time to say whether this pandemic and months of quarantine period due to COVID-19 led bust or boom for a baby. But some early data has shown the continuous reduction in the slope of birth rate in the US.

Births In The USA Noted A Steeper Decline In 2020

This downward trend is evidence of the decline in the birth rate of children because of isolation. New figures for the provision in the report of Disease prevention and control centers have shown the reduction in the number of births dropped in the year 2020 from straight six-year since 1979, which is lowest in the US.

Births In The USA Noted A Steeper Decline In 2020

There were more than 3,600,000 births in the year 2020, marking around a 4 percent reduction as compared to the year 2019. This comparison has been declining around 1 to 2 percent every year since 2015.

“This reduction is noteworthy”, said Brady Hamilton, who is a report co-author, noting that birth numbers have been declining continuously for consecutive years. “But if we talk about the drop percentage in 2020 which is 4 percent, it had never happened since the 1970s”.

Hamilton also says that the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to be considered one factor for the decline in birth rates; unfortunately, we do not have enough data to determine the exact extent. A separate result based on the data taken from 25 states of US and published by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS in the show last month states that birth rates have been dropped from the initial months of COVID-19 and from the period of nine months when lockdown took hold.

In Last year, and in December, January, and February 2021, birth rates compared with the same months in an earlier year show a drop of 6.5, 9.3, and 10 percent, respectively. By combining these consecutive months, there was a decline of 8 percent, said AP.

One data which was published on Wednesday by CDC isn’t final yet, but it is based on 99.9 percent of birth took place in the year 2020. The record was processed by the National agency center for statistics of health on 11 February. Among Alaska native, American and Asian women, the birth reduction was more remarkable; with around 8 to 6 percent drop.

In Black and White women, the decline was around 4, and in the case of Hispanic women, the decline was 3 percent. The normal fertility rate of the country measuring 1000 births by women having age of 15-44, we saw that it continues decline of 4 percent in the year 2020 to the 55.8, record in the US.

The birth rate in teens also records the decline of 8 percent to around 15.3 births in every 1000 females of age 15-19. Also, it has been shown that the reduction in the average of 7 percent every year from 2007. 

For the very first time in the US since 2014, the premature birth rate was declined from 10.23 to 10.09 percent, one report says. Another data on Wednesday was out emphasizing the birth rate share in pandemic data in the city New York increased from March to November as compared to 2020 with 2019.

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