Black Men Get Less Medical Cancer Attention In Prostate

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 1, 2021

According to a study, the American Veterans who are black and suffering from severe prostate cancer have fewer chances of getting the adequate quality of treatment as compared to the other races like the whites who receive a quick response under all situations. They do not get enough medical attention as compared to other men.

Black Men Get Less Medical Cancer Attention In Prostate

The report claimed that the country has grown and developed at a large scale and has enough facilities for the treatment of cancer but till date, we can see the social disparities in society. There are a lot of key points we need to take care of to fill the wide gulf.

Black Men Get Less Medical Cancer Attention In Prostate

Social discrimination should be a major cause of concern. This report was published by the investigator Daniel Makarov who is a surgeon is Urology at New York City in the cancer center of Langone Perlmutter which is also located in New York City.

In order to complete the study successfully the team researched the medical records of around 35000 medical patients from the black race in the Veteran administration of America. Most of the veterans were above the age of 60 with not many complications in health. 

The research proved that only 5 percent of the black patients who suffered from prostate cancer were receiving the surgery. The others were not likely to get the adequate amount of medical attention which should be provided normally. When it comes to the patients of other races they were getting the treatment with more quality and the surgeries were more in the case of the white veterans. 

The researchers in the New York City report said that the black veteran men from the U.S administration who were dealing with severe stages of prostate cancer were almost 11 percent less likely to receive the proper medication and surgery as compared to men of other races with the same age and same severity. 

The study was also governed by the co-assistant Dr. Joseph Ravenell who said that he was unable to understand the reason behind the choice of treatment the black men get as compared to the white men with the same medical condition. It has been an issue from a time where black people do get the treatment as vigorously as compared to non-black men.

Ravenell, who works as the dean of the affairs system, said that maybe some of the black men seem to be more concerned when compared to other men about the treatment quality which can lead to an increased chance of erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

They said that the report also mentions that people should feel free in order to discuss their fears with the doctors and the physicians and the relevant treatment measures which they want to follow in order to treat prostate cancer. The study also showed that black men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as compared to other men of different races which should be kept in mind.

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