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BLM To Offer Survival Funding While Waiting For Federal COVID Relief Package

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation released a $3000000 relief package to assist people struggling to make both ends meet during this COVID 19 pandemic. At present, it is expanding the scheme 

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation came up from the recent Black Lies Matter movement. It had silently launched a $3000000 financial package in the first few days of this month to help those struggling to meet both ends meet during this COVID 19 pandemic crisis.

BLM To Offer Survival Funding While Waiting For Federal COVID Relief Package

The foundation is the product of the movement Black Lives Matter almost eight years ago. It announced this Thursday that it plans to offer 3000 small grants of $1000 to the people who it considers are badly in need of assistance.

It has asked its members to apply for the grant to its philanthropic division. Upon approval of the application, the applicant gets the money directly in his bank account. It may also be offered as a prepaid debit card. There are no strings attached to the grant, the organization said.

The attempt is the result of a long deliberation among the BLM leadership. It had reached a conclusion that black people are the most hurt financially during this pandemic. According to its officials, hoarding the resources is a disservice to the people who deserve it.

BLM To Offer Survival Funding While Waiting For Federal COVID Relief Package

Till now, the scheme’s first beneficiaries are families of those people the police killed, who died in incarceration, grassroots organizers of the community, transgender people, formerly incarcerated persons and single parents. Almost 300 people have been approved for the financial assistance till Thursday.

Up together, a project of the Family Independence Initiative is the agency that takes care of the funds. This project was funded to eliminate poverty among black people through direct investment in families with low income.

One among them started earning $1500 less than her regular income when the pandemic began. The 45-year-old father of two children was working as a mental health specialist in a shelter for young victims of domestic violence. They cut his time at work because of the pandemic.

When BLM asked him to apply for the survival fund, he refused to trust. He thought it was a prank. But when he received the grant, he understood the value of communities coming together to help their own.

This reestablishes some of the things that are natural to them as a community, he told a news channel. For him, it is a point of pride. It shows their ability to support each other, he added.

He plans to use the money to cultivate in his children the habit of saving. No one taught him this during his childhood.  

This scheme is an aspect of the Foundation’s 2021 focus on economic justice for black people.

The foundation announced that it had collected $90000000 last year. A great part of it came after the death of George Floyd. He was the black man who died under the knee of a white police in Minneapolis. The incident had sparked great protests both in the US and all over the world.

The announcement comes in the light of the nation waiting for Congress to act on the $9 trillion relief scheme. This package includes $1400 direct stimulus payments for those earning below $75000 annually. It was expected that the House of Representatives will approve the scheme and send it to the Senate. Democrats have only a narrow majority there.

President Biden has recently announced that he will pass a new round of COVID 19 legislation. He is now 35 days in the office. According to his critics, giving relief dollars to the Americans was not the first thing he did when he took over as President. The passage of the bill, however, is taking place faster than is expected.

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