Boom In Unapproved & Unproven Stem Cells Explained

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 10, 2021

Researchers remain hopeful that stem cells will one day be helpful in treating a variety of conditions. If you are considering treatment;

Boom In Unapproved & Unproven Stem Cells Explained

Miracle treatments and cure-alls are a couple of the names given to stem cells.

The hype must not be believed. Stem cell treatments that are unproven and unapproved have been offered by some unscrupulous providers.

Therefore, it is wise to confirm what is really being offered and to be wary of potential treatments that are dangerous.

According to a new 5-year study, in the United States, the sale of stem cell treatments that are unproven and unapproved has skyrocketed.

Since 2016, there has been a fourfold hike in the availability of the treatments. These treatments claim to relieve pain and even slow aging.

Boom In Unapproved & Unproven Stem Cells Explained

The author of the study, Leigh Turner warned that people could be potentially putting their lives at risk. He added that people who are using these treatments are spending thousands of dollars needlessly. Leigh is the author of the study.

Irvine Turner said that marketing misrepresentations and aggressive sales tactics are often used by these businesses selling unproven and non-FDA-approved stem cell products. The fact that they use these tactics to exploit hope, suffering, desperation or the fear of the patients is one of the most troubling features.

Turner is a professor of health, and behavior at the University of California.

The study, by using search tools online, found over 1400 American businesses that offered purported stem cell treatments. They also found over 2700 clinics offering these treatments.

5 years ago, these numbers were 351 businesses and 570 clinics.

Compared to other countries, the United States now offers the highest number of these locations.

The findings showed that this also includes those places that are hot spots for stem cell tourism.

Stem cell therapy, which is also known as regenerative medicine has saved the lives of many patients who were suffering from cancer and blood diseases.

According to a new university news release, the safety and effectiveness of stem cell products need to be tested further.

California, Texas and Florida are the states which have the highest number of stem cell clinics, according to the study.

The journal Cell Stem Cell published the findings on Nov 4.

Turner said that multiple clinics that were found were promoting stem cell products that were unlicensed and unproven. They also found that they were claiming that FDA approval was not required by their interventions.

He added that that, however, could not be further from the truth. Turner is a member of UC Irvine’s stem cell research center and leader of ethics. He does this at its Institute for Clinical and Translational Science.

He warned that these clinics, in a lot of cases use predatory marketing techniques and misleading advertising to rope in customers.

Help with pain, orthopedic disease and sports injuries are a few of the issues that these clinics claim to have the solution for.

Helping with hair loss and slowing the process of aging in order to strengthen the immune system to fight against Covid are also some of the claims made by these treatment centers.

The treatments, on average cost about $5100, out of pocket, while it ranged from $1,200 and $28,000.

According to Turner, numerous risks are posed to patients who try unproven and unapproved stem cell products. He also said that serious harm is caused to some of them.

He concluded that the situation will not get better unless the FDA, along with other agencies intervene.

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