Against Omicron: Booster Dose of Covid – 19 Provides Strong Protection

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 10, 2022

Against the Omicron virus, the booster dose shows its importance. The booster dose provides robust protection against the spreading variant with the mRNA vaccine. 

Against Omicron, Booster Dose of Covid – 19 Provides Strong Protection

On Thursday, a paper published in the Journal Cell found that those who take the two shots of vaccine, either the Pfizer or Moderna and the booster dose, achieved strong protection against the Omicron virus.

Against Omicron, Booster Dose of Covid – 19 Provides Strong Protection

As per the research of Ragon Institute of Massachusetts, it is said that two shots of vaccine are not developed antibodies that have the potential to neutralize the omicron variant. It also observed that Omicron is better in achieving past vaccine-created immunity. For the people who have mild symptoms, their vaccine shots helped them create longer immunity?

Moreover, if the antibodies can’t help us get infected with Omicron, other aspects of the immune response may keep us sick very severely. 

However, the Food and Drug Administration of all Covid vaccines aims to protect against severe illness, hospitalization, and death. In the United States, all three vaccines – Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson- perform exceptionally well and give successful results. 

The latest data shows that vaccine impacts do wane over time, and a new variant emerges; the vaccine may be less effective. The researcher also developed a harmless version of the omicron variant called “pseudovirus” used in the laboratory to measure the effectiveness of vaccines. 

They gathered blood samples from 239 vaccinated people and then tested them to check how different vaccines develop antibodies against the omicron virus, delta, and Covid -19. 

It is revealed that the best antibodies are developed from a series of mRNA vaccines, either Pfizer or Moderna, and next by an mRNA booster dose. The booster dose is suboptimal for inducing neutralizing against the omicron variant. 

After being wholly vaccinated with two shots, they discovered that getting infected with Omicron rather than getting boosted was not effective. Substantially the booster dose is creating higher antibodies than vaccination. 

On 29 Dec, a study of South African discovered that People who take vaccine shots of Johnson and Johnson and boosters 6 to 9 months after their initial vaccination saw the vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization increase from 63% to 84%.

As per the Cell research, it is discovered that those people who take one shot of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and take booster dose with mRNA vaccine develop higher protection rather than those who received only one dose of J&J Vaccine. 

The Booster dose is recommended due to rising cases of the Omicron variant. Late last month, The CDC said that all the adult people get booster doses after passing two months of taking their Johnson and Johnson shots, and six months passed after their last dose of Pfizer and Moderna. 

The research from Pfizer and Moderna discover that three doses of vaccination give a strong antibody response to Omicron that more than dozens of antibody protection than two average doses. An overall booster dose is worthful to take. 

Currently, boosters provided in the US are the same formulation as original vaccines. However, the CDC and FDA are conversing with Vaccination Company to produce an Omicron-specific booster dose, which is already developed and available within one month. 

Dr. Johnston said that we would learn many things about the vaccine of Omicron specific in the coming days. But it is reassured that Omicron-specific vaccines are already developed in the required situation. But people should not wait for that and get the booster dose, so it is better to protect them from future problems.  

The researchers also said that the process behind the findings is still in progress, and the booster dose may enhance the immune protection against the omicron variant. 

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