Boston Made Some Policies For Protection Against Coronavirus

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 14, 2022

From a recent survey of coronavirus in Boston, it has been seen that a total of 1, 62, 121 cases were found and out of which 1, 51, 302 were recovered. And in which 1, 670 deaths happened. A total of 70.5% of the total population were fully vaccinated, which means about 4, 79, 110 people were fully vaccinated. This is a report from Tuesday, January 27.

Boston Made Some Policies For Protection Against Coronavirus

The third wave of COVID-19 hit us so hard and it caused a lot of damage and deaths too. Everyone who is living in Boston has to show their proof for vaccination against COVID-19. It’s one of the compulsory policies set by the Boston Government to decrease and also to protect their citizens.

Boston Made Some Policies For Protection Against Coronavirus

Those who haven’t got vaccinated yet will be not allowed to enter any indoor spaces in Boston. People who are already working in those locations are also required to be vaccinated. 

Those indoor spaces include Indoor dining in which bars and nightclubs are also included, indoor fitness, as well as indoor entertainment, are also included in it.

To enter those indoor spaces you’ll have to show proof that you are vaccinated against COVID-19. You can prove yourself by showing a CDC vaccination card, a digital image of your CDC card, an image of any official immunization record, or by any of the COVID vaccine verification apps.

The Boston Public Health Commission has also offered rapid-at-home test kits. These test kits are used to check qualitative as well as conveniently the COVID-19 antigen from the nasal swab obtained from the patients with signs and symptoms of respiratory infections. So these are basically for the time when the supplies will last or the stock will be over.

The mayor of the city Boston Kim Janey also announced that face masks would be required as well as compulsory in all the indoor public settings in the city of Boston. This proactive public health plan is being implemented by the city to reduce the community transmission of the Delta variant.

This policy would help in speedy recovery from COVID-19 as wearing a mask indoors and also getting vaccinated will offer more protection to all the residents as well as the children who are below or under 12 and also those who are not able to get vaccinated it’s kind of protecting the citizens from this COVID-19.

Boston City Halls are open to the public five days a week. City hall would be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the public. Citizens are not allowed to meet personally instead of that they can write letters or can email their issues.

All the restrictions related to COVID-19 for business have been lifted and also The City of Boston has also been aligned with the state’s reopening plan.

Children whose age is between 5 years to 17 years can now get vaccinated with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 boosters are also available for the ages 16 and above.

Pfizer boosters are available for those who are 16 and 17 only. Boosters are helpful for your immune system so that you could be able to maintain or increase your immunity and can fight against COVID-19. 

It is being seen that if the Citizens of Boston stick to all the policies as well as safety guidelines made by the Boston Public Health Commission, then it may be possible that Boston would be able to step out of the red zone of the coronavirus third wave.

It’s a protective protocol for the citizens of Boston to get protected from COVID-19. So, it’s necessary to get fully vaccinated as well as wear masks everywhere.

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