A Brazilian Hospital Chain Surreptitiously Administered Untested Medicines To Covid

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 1, 2021

On Tuesday, an attorney for a group of whistleblower physicians said that a Brazilian hospital chain administered untested Covid-19 therapies to patients with their knowledge. The allegations were made before the country’s legislative investigation into the epidemic.

A Brazilian Hospital Chain Surreptitiously Administered Untested Medicines To Covid-19 Patients

According to BrunaMorato, who represents 12 unnamed physicians who worked again for a health care provider, at least nine patients at institutions managed by Prevent Senior perished of Covid-19 as they were unknowingly getting experimental treatments.

The business, which also provides private medical insurance, has categorically rejected all accusations leveled against it.

A Brazilian Hospital Chain Surreptitiously Administered Untested Medicines To Covid

In his lawsuit, Morato claimed that Prevent Senior facilities were being utilized as “laboratories” for research using the so-called “Covid kit,” which included medicines that have been shown to be useless for the treatment of Covid-19, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. These tests, according to reports, were carried out between March – April of 2020.

In addition, patients and families were not informed that such medications were being given, and Prevent Senior physicians were allegedly under internal pressure to prescribe as well as distribute such medications, according to Morato. “Very vulnerable elderly people were assured there was a wonderful therapy, but they were completely unaware that they were being utilized as test subjects,” she said.

The coronavirus epidemic is being investigated by the parliamentary committee of investigation (CPI), which is looking into the government’s response. President JairBolsonaro has come under fire both domestically and internationally for downplaying the seriousness of the illness, limiting vaccination and the usage of face masks, and pushing experimental medicines that have not been proved effective.

Following the purported tests, which took place in March and April of 2020, Morato stated that Prevent Senior started distributing the “Covid kit” to patients as just a cost-cutting measure.

“According to the reports from the physicians, it was much less expensive to make a combination of medicines accessible to patients than it was to hospitalize these individuals,” she said.

After being questioned by Senator Renan Calheiros about why physicians prescribed the kits to patients even though there was no proof that they were helpful, Morato responded that non-compliant doctors would face “reprisal,” “punishments,” and possibly termination.

According to Morato, the situation reached such a terrible degree that the doctors on duty gave the (Covid) kit to patients and informed them, “I have no choice but to give this to you (the kit) since if I don’t, I will be fired,” according to the CPI.

According to the statement, “Prevent Senior categorically rejects the charges and repudiates false allegations anonymously made with Covid’s CPI and the press.” According to the lawyer’s statement before the CPI today, these are baseless allegations that are based on shortened or altered communications that have appeared in the news and will be demolished during the inquiry.”

Furthermore, Morato stated that Prevent Senior had developed a working connection with physicians and experts who assisted the federal government in concealing the trials from public observation. According to her, Prevention Senior was sure that it would not be examined by the Health ministry or other relevant organizations.

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