A Breakthrough In Blood Based Technologies For Cancer Is Declared By BC Researchers!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 22, 2022

According to the researchers, a breakthrough in the treatment of prostate cancer has been made. This identification has been made in British Columbia. A type of cancer patient can now be identified by doctors by using new blood-based technology.

BC Researchers Hail Breakthrough In Blood Based Technology For Cancer Research!

The new blood-based technology will help them to start the proper course of treatment. This proper cause can be identified sooner as per a report by Catherine Urquhart.

British Columbian scientists are celebrating what they view as a breakthrough in the use of blood-based technologies. This blood-based technology is utilized for analyzing and treating numerous types of cancer.

A Breakthrough In Blood Based Technologies For Cancer Is Declared By BC Researchers

Dr. Alexander Wyatt is a senior researcher at the Vancouver Prostate Centre. Dr. Alexander Wyatt said that metastatic tumors release DNA into the patient’s circulation. He also claimed that the group had worked with BC Cancer. It is to create a blood test that looks at each cancer’s particular genetic make-up using an unprecedented degree of technological detail.

Cancer that spreads wherever it is on track to a distant portion of the body is termed metastatic cancer. Several types of cancer, it is also referred to as “Stage 1V.”Metastasis is defined as the process by which cancer cells navigate to different parts of the body.

As per the associate professor from the University of British Columbia, “the more we know about each person’s disease, the better we can design and aim treatments to finally kill cancer.”  

It also means that we can find out more about how tumors that are advanced and resistant can be. And based on that type, the treatment emerges. It took more than five years to finish this investigation. It was then published on July 20, 2022. The study was used to partially support some funders. These funders were the BC Cancer Foundation, the Vancouver General, and the UBC hospital Foundation.

Blood tests were utilized by researchers to examine the cancer DNA of men with metastatic prostate cancer. Regular blood testing is a vital way to keep track of overall physical well-being. A person should get tests at routine intervals. It can allow the person to realize how the body variates over time.

It also allows the person to make the required decisions about his or her health. According to Wyatt, the new technology will allow patients in remote locations to mail a vial of their blood to medical professionals. So that the professionals can inspect its composition and attempt to come up with a treatment plan.

He then explained eventually, “it means that we can switch to a model where we can much healthier individualize cancer treatment.” We think this is a big advance, and we’re quite enthusiastic about where our research will go from here. ” The N.S. then provides a novel method for the treatment of blood cancer. This treatment occurred on June 21, 2022.

There are currently numerous precision medicine trials taking place all around the nation. Its trials are using blood testing. To encourage and inspire the use of blood-based technologies in cancer research and therapy around the world. The researchers have also made their codes, data, and methodologies freely available.

Dr. Kim Nguyen Chi is the chief medical officer and an oncologist at BC Cancer. He is also an associate professor in the UBC Department of Medicine and together directed the study. The team claims that the blood test is slightly invasive, sensibly priced, and scalable. It is also appropriate for further cancer types as well.

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