California Assembly Sees The Passing Of The Universal Health Care Bills

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 14, 2022

A universal health care system was the ultimate aim of the California democrats. They have already taken the first initiative to establish this new system across the country. In this process, the US democrats of California became successful in reducing the market of private health insurance companies. The primary motive was to transform the present system into a government-run plan. Thus, everybody can get the care necessary in emergencies.

California Assembly Sees The Passing Of The Universal Health Care Bills

It is still a long-drawn process to turn the present bill into permanent law. The powerful business personalities of the US are still not in favor of the bill. It is the primary reason for the current delay in passing the concerned Universal Health Care Bill.

California Assembly Sees The Passing Of The Universal Health Care Bills

The democrats finally placed the bill for final passing in the California Assembly. It is uncertain whether the law can be enforced nationwide even after turning it into law. There is enough time till 2024 for the next election, where the voters will ultimately decide whether to accept the law or not. Such a law will increase the amount of income tax to a great extent.

The Democrats are unwilling to leave the battle in between and move away. Hence, they presented the proposition in the Assembly for voting. The conversation went on for an hour. After the discussion, many lawmakers believed that the corporate people benefitted greatly through the private health care units. However, these people did not show transparency in the treatment.

According to a patient, Ady Barkan, 38, the health insurance is unable to meet the required costs. Therefore, it becomes hectic for critical patients to depend on such policies.

California Taxpayers Association is against this bill stating that such an initiative will put the common under huge tax pressure. The estimated increase in the income tax for passing this bill would be around 163 million dollars per annum. The final decision still vests in the hands of the voters. They have to decide whether they want this hike in the tax rates and get a Government-approved universal system for health care.

On Tuesday, Ash Kalra, one of the Assembly members from the Democratic side, stated that the bill can reach the ballot only in 2024, but they will continue the journey. He was the one writing the proposal.

The votings of the Assembly Health Committee came to 11-3. “The Americans will not have any option than to run away if such a condition becomes a compulsion. The government-run health facilities can be disadvantageous for millions either for the too much hike in the taxes or for the considerable time the health workers will take to attend to the patient.”- opined the Republicans.

Some Democrats, voting in favor of the bill, also pointed out the negative sides of the bill. In the opinion of Autumn Burke, one of the Democrats, a proper funding source is essential to propose such a system. Without enough funds, the process will be nothing but a mockery.

Another advocate, Preston Young, uttered the uselessness of abolishing the entire health care system of the country currently prevailing. He said, willingly forcing the population to pay huge amounts of taxes in the name of the Government health care system cannot be the desired solution. This kind of proposal will not be feasible in the long run for most Americans. A perfect rule must be there for passing any new proposal.

Newsom’s words portrayed the importance of “How” when one is in the role of Governor. A financial model will be fruitful only when the answer to “How” is a favorable one. So, mixed feelings are there regarding the new bill.

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