California Decides to Reopen Everything Soon Despite The Warning Of The Experts

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 9, 2021

California, which was one of the few states which had implemented another lockdown in the Covid-19 now plans for fully reopening their activities and other businesses that are beginning 15 of June, in the state as the officials said on Tuesday.

California Decides to Reopen Everything Soon Despite The Warning Of The Experts

The falling rate of infections, lower hospitalizations and also the rising vaccinations are one of the reasons that could be done, as said by the Mark Ghaly who is the state secretary of Health and Human Services. California’s mandate for masks, however, will remain in the place where at least for a short while as said by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

California Decides to Reopen Everything Soon Despite The Warning Of The Experts

This state’s return for the normal would also be subject to the ongoing mask and also wearing the ongoing vigilance among the people, as said by Newsom, along the  continued vaccine supply. Looking in the span of 10 weeks as said by Newsom, their expectation is that everybody would want these vaccines to be administered to the general public.

The announcement of the California comes when the health experts across the U.S. have decided that the states need to delay the reopening in which more individuals need to be vaccinated for fighting off this spread of more contagious variants, which are contributing for the rise in the cases in various parts of the U.S.

Dr. Seema Yasmin, who is an epidemiologist and a medical analyst, noted that the California are waiting for greater than two months before completely reopening and any such circumstances in which the virus could thrive. Such conditions need to be avoided. Everyone needs to really ensure that they don’t drop their guard down as told by Yasmin on Tuesday.

As part of the 15 of June reopenings, as said by Ghaly, California would be abandoning their four tier systems which helps in determining when opening their county that might be based on the metrics such as positivity rates and case rates.

Ghaly has also said that the date needs to be adjusted. They are looking at supply and also the availability of the vaccines. If this supply is not there, they might make some of the tweaks till 15th of June as said, adding that these necessary precautions also needs to be taken if the hospitalizations rise due to Covid-19.

The Health experts would also be using the science and the data for guiding this reopening, and the variants would also be very closely monitored, as Ghaly said. The positivity rate for Covid-19 test is much lower in the state of California. These cases in the California are going down very sharply from winter, though this decline has also leveled off in the recent weeks.

The states have averaged that there are around 2,700 new Covid-19 cases in the previous week which is around the same average after 2 weeks ago, but this way there is an average peak of around 46,000 daily new cases back in the December 21, as the Johns Hopkins University data shows.

Newsom has boasted on Monday that the California has one of the lowest Covid-19 rates of the positivity in the nation around 1.7%, far from the peak of about 17.1% in the early January.

The U.S. positivity test rate is around 5.71% in the 7 days, around Saturday, as the data mentioned in the U.S. Health and Human Services. The WHO or World Health Organization in the previous year has advised the governments for not reopening till the positivity rates of the test get down to arounnd 5% or even lower to at least around 14 days in the U.S. 

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