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California Easing Out On Covid Restrictions And Mexico To Receive One Million Vaccine Doses From The US

California, the largest state in the US is all set to reopen after easing out the 15 month long covid restrictions:

The 15 months long covid restrictions were implemented to curb the spread of the virus in the state.

California Easing Out On Covid Restrictions And Mexico To Receive One Million Vaccine Doses From The US

California had ranked 41st in the list of states where covid was spreading fast during the peak days of the pandemic.

California Easing Out On Covid Restrictions And Mexico To Receive One Million Vaccine Doses From The US

Covid picture of California:

The observations about the spread of covid in California were obtained based on data received from the John Hopkins University and analyzed by the team of analytics at the USA TODAY network.

California houses 11.7% of the total population of the US  and up until the previous week, it accounted for 6.19% of the caseload of the US.

At the moment, the situation in the golden state is markedly different than it was last December when California was declared the epicenter of the pandemic.

In terms of daily new positive cases and daily hospitalizations, California had broken all records, and the situation continued to remain on the critical stage for many days in a row.

The number of deaths mounted to 30,000, followed by 45,000 the next month and at a point in time, the funeral homes in the state were overburdened by the surge in daily fatalities.

The present situation in California:

During the last week, California reported daily new cases ranging from 792 to 1136, which is significant progress compared to the peak during last December when the daily new cases rose up to an estimated 54,000 in a day.

In the case of Los Angeles, the recorded daily new case on last Monday was 135.

Los Angeles had lifted air quality restrictions in January, owing to which the crematoriums were allowed to burn the bodies.

Before the reopening of California, Gov. Gavin Newsom, on a press conference on Monda, claimed that it was a new day for the stat. Theyy are dedicated tomaking a comeback and a roaring comeback.

What caused the shift in the situation for California:

The decrease in the number of daily cases can be attributed to the robust vaccination that took place in the state.

California has administered up to 40 million vaccine doses and immunized an estimated 72% of its adult population with at least one dose of the vaccines.

However, it is important to note that California is still not anywhere close to achieving herd immunity. Thus, the covid-19 persists as a threat for the state and the country despite the success achieved so far.

President Joe Biden spoke to the media in Brussels after the NATO Summit on Monday. He states that although the number of daily new cases and deaths are dropping at a steady rate in the US, the real tragedy was the loss of lives had already occurred.

He further adds that there is a lot of work to do in the future, and it is not the appropriate time to loosen our guard.

Some other steps:

Although the state is ready to reopen fully, the educational institutions are not lowering their guard.

The University of California makes it mandatory for the students, faculty members, and the staff to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 latest by the fall season.

To escalate the process, the colleges and universities are considering opening a vaccine campaign at their respective campuses.

This will provide easy access to vaccination for the students, faculties and staff members of the institution.

Moreover, the US is ready to deliver 1.35 million vaccine doses to Mexico by an overnight shipment.

The move comes followed by the promise made by Vice President Kamala Harris to provide the surplus vaccines to the neighboring nation in the south as assistance for its battle against the virus.

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