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California Tops With Highest COVID Death Figures, Surpassing New York

As of Tuesday above 45,000 people have lost their lives in the state of California due to COVID-19.

Presently, the state is in the topmost position to have the highest number of deaths, surpassing New York which has reported 44,693 deaths till yesterday.

The current update from California is scary even though the Country has been actively moving forward with vaccination campaigns.

California Tops With Highest COVID Death Figures, Surpassing New York

The country was expected to come into normal life and it is quite frustrating despite the hopeful reports from various parts of the country on the drop of the surging deaths and contractions. 

California Tops With Highest COVID Death Figures, Surpassing New York

California is the state where the country has its highest population as well as one of the hardest-hit states. It has around 40 million inhabitants and has become one of the major epicenters of the pandemic during the post-holiday surge of new cases of contractions as well as deaths.

The surge made most of the health centres and hospitals overwhelmed with patients, and many of them had to arrange extra beds outdoors.

The health secretary of the state, Dr Mark Ghaly said that it is a reminder that is heart-wrenching since it is caused by a deadly virus, and they mourn alongside every resident of the state who lost their loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Presently California has a per capita death rate of 113 among 100,000 of its people. The current rank of the state is 32nd in the country in deaths that are related to COVID-19.

Whereas in New York, the per capita death rate is 248 per 100,000. The state has a lesser population when compared to California. The rank of New York is second in the U.S in COVID-related deaths just behind New Jersey where the death rate is 230 per 100,000 inhabitants. 

According to reports, the whole nation is having a significant improvement in the total number of contractions in the recent few weeks. However, there is no change in death rates, and remains elevated.

Since mid-November, there have been a higher number of people being hospitalized every day. Though the situation lasted for a long time in the country, cases of the last few days have been reduced. On Tuesday, it became the lowest with 79,000 hospitalizations due to COVID-19.

When compared to the whole nation, the state of California has a different picture. There has been a greater rise in contractions and deaths. These rises remain far higher than last summer’s condition which was at the peak.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said that deaths have been devastatingly continued, and over the past fortnight, the state is having a higher average of 500 fatalities each day. 

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