Cambridge Cognition To Partner With The University Of Oxford In Alzheimer’s Study

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 19, 2022

According to the latest update, it is essential to mention that cognition Holdings on Wednesday has been able to collaborate with research centers to work on essential products such as NeuroVocalix and Cantab Products.

This collaboration has been made with the University of Oxford to get the head and the medical department’s assistance with the cognitive assessments for the study that has to be conducted for Alzheimer’s disease. 

Issues That Matter 

This is one of the most essential and valuable perspectives, and this study will be able to add a considerable amount of dimension to the already existing information available in this regard. This research has been titled the impact of semaglutide on amyloid positivity. This research is likely to get funded by the Danish medicine company Novo. 

Cambridge Cognition To Partner With The University Of Oxford In Alzheimer's Study

It is believed that this semaglutide is a medication for diabetes, and under the research, it would be used to treat the neuropathy physiology of Alzheimer’s disease. This particular type of research would be beneficial to developing a treatment that would be more accessible and valuable to individuals over some time.

Effects of collaboration

With the help of this collaboration, the University of Cambridge and Cambridge cognition will be able to achieve and access a lot of data of different types of patients, with the help of which a proper experiment could be conducted. Under the agreement, which has been finalized, the University of Oxford has agreed to share cognitive data which may be related to voicemail. 

This kind of program would overcome the side effect and shortfall of the existing amount of resources already available with the University of Cambridge and Cambridge cognition. This is one of the essential collaborations that help provide the results that have not been provided earlier. It is believed that the academic committee has been promised a total contribution of 131 million as a part of this research to find a solution to this problem of cognitive indicators.

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Purpose of the research

It is essential to mention in the first place that this basic kind of research is undertaken to provide relevant data concerning the effect of cognition and its reaction with the available drugs believed to have been affected for treating Alzheimer’s disease. After visualizing the effect of this correlation, this research has been undertaken to get a better inside concerning available information. 

The doctors and the medical experts can try their best to conclude with the help of which they would be able to establish a positive correlation between the two elements. It is essential to understand that this would be opening an additional substitute for treatment which might not occur anytime soon. This availability of treatment will be a milestone achievement in this particular category because it has been one of the most untouched areas of research till the moment. 

Factors that matter

The assistance would be provided in terms of better care and caution. This would also be helpful to overcome the failure of the research and start the research once again in the minimum amount of time. This particular finding would be helpful in the long run and would be in the position to get a better result over the period. This collaboration will also be funded by the government of the United Kingdom, which has been able to receive grants from different types of Research organizations. 


It can be concluded that this is one of the most critical milestone achievements, and if this particular research can be successful then there would be no turning back. This is also able to provide for greater advantages which would be useful over the period of time


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