Can Mitch O’Connell And Biden Still Work Together?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 11, 2020

All those who have been thinking that the United States of America’s elections are a cake’s walk must give it a second thought. The election of 2020 was in the position to understand that in the country of the United States of America, anything can happen that too at any time. However, what matter the most in such situations was to provide for the fact that these situations do not arise in one day or one single night. Whatever results of the election appear, they have the provisions which have been drafted a long way back during the times when the polls were merely announced.

Can Mitch O’Connell And Biden Still Work Together

Therefore, it is likely to conclude that the victory of the new President Joe Biden was not at all planned in away. Instead, it was a whole script that the politicians were getting played to play their master card. His association with McConnel helped determine the ultimate way to the senate. However, there are speculations if the duo would be working together. The defeat of American President Donald Trump has brought a significant shame to the people in the worst possible manner. Because of this reason, the President didn’t leave in any single opportunity to garner votes. The attempts by the President, which were registered so far, were innumerable.

Four decades of experience and alliances in the Senate – like McConnell – are taken to White House by Biden. But without the power to influence the Senate, Democrats would have to treat tax, climate change and other issues more moderately by negotiating concessions, says Scott Segal, a major lobbyist in Washington. “It’s something he will get, as an institutionalist like Joe Biden knows,” Segal said. ‘And here I will highlight that in the Senate and during the election season Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell were gladiators, but they are well known each other.’

Furthermore, it is also important to mention that the prevalence of every effort on the parts of the Republicans did go in vain. In the end, they did turn a blind eye towards the fact that the satisfaction of the people citizens, which the parties are finally going to govern, is the sole determinant factor for making calculations for winning. Therefore, during such times it also becomes essential to realize what is demanded by the people. This shows that an attempt is made to analyze the factors that ultimately play a role in ascertaining the speeches’ efficacy. This helps predict the fact that there is a likelihood of the situation being controlled by the degree of humanity that the candidate appears for election has.

This also makes it essential to understand how the new President of the United States of America could provide for the election this time. This year, the entire situation went topsy Turvey. This was because of the misunderstanding between the candidate who was standing for the President’s post and the expectations of the country from him. Joe Biden was able to understand the key issues that the government has been facing for so long. Therefore in such situations, the main aim was to win the hearts of the people by addressing the issues which have been troubling them for an extended period.

The main of this form of the election was to provide that the people are in the position to fight the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. This was addressed by providing for a more significant amount of health care facilities to the people. The next step in line was that people this time wanted a humane leader to understand the importance of international cooperation and international well-being.

However, Trump was the one who believed in isolation and hence, made every possible attempt to isolate America from the rest of the population in the best possible manner. This was very helpful in the sense that it was able to promote America’s interest; however, at the same time, it secluded the country of the United States of America from the rest of the world.

The continuation of Trump was not at all favorable to the future of the country in any manner. Hence, an attempt was made to calculate these effects. The people of America have shown that the efforts of Joe Biden have not hindered the country’s management because the plan he made to succeed was utterly flawless in every possible manner. It was useful to cure the defects in the best possible way. Now the next thing to see is what and how Biden will fulfill the promises he has made to the people and how he is going to meet them.

Nikki Attkisson

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