Can PCOS-Affected Women Get Pregnant? Tips

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 20, 2022

Women nowadays face different kinds of health issues due to the modern lifestyle. One of the most common health issues among them is PCOS. As per the latest study published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), almost 12% of women in the United States suffer from PCOS, and half of the total percentage is unaware of it. And because of this, it becomes indeed hard for them to get pregnant like normal ones. 

With such a health condition, especially an untreated one, it is difficult to get pregnant. And as time goes on, there are chances of an increase in the number since most of them are not taking proper health checkups and medications. 

What Is PCOS?

PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome is not a big issue nowadays. It’s a hormonal condition that causes difficulty in getting pregnant. Women suffering from PCOS will have a higher level of androgen, a male hormone, and because of this hormonal imbalance, there will be issues with ovulation. But nowadays, there are ways by which you can improve this health condition and boost your fertility. 

Can PCOS-Affected Women Get Pregnant? Tips

In most cases, women suffering from PCODs seem to have obesity issues.  While taking treatment, the initial step is to have the proper BMI(Body Mass Index). Because the hormonal imbalance can impact your insulin production, thus resulting in weight gain. Also, studies found that overweight people have a reduced chance of getting regular ovulation and can have long period gaps. And by losing some pounds, you can achieve proper ovulation at regular intervals, thus correcting your menstrual cycle.   

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In some conditions, even after losing a few pounds, women get negative results. It is due to the lack of proper nutrition and can be corrected by taking medications and improving your daily routines. Here are a few tips that you can include to boost your fertility and have a healthy pregnancy. 

  • As mentioned above, maintain a proper healthy weight to avoid the risks of infertility.  Also, reduce the intake of sugar and carbs that affect insulin production and result in weight gain. 
  • Make sure to incorporate a healthy diet routine. Pregnancy is a long process that needs proper nutrition and care. Thus, for a healthy pregnancy try to avoid unhealthy fats, sugar, and carbs. Instead, include more fresh fruits and vegetables, and also, rather than taking packed and processed foods, make sure to take home-cooked foods. Besides, take more protein-rich food, meat, greens, etc. 
  • Even if you eat healthy food, there are chances of a lack of certain nutrients that you can acquire from food. Thus, ensure to include all the essential vitamins and minerals by taking proper medications.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant, check your blood sugar levels since PCOS causes insulin resistance, thus, keeping your blood sugar levels exalted. Avoid sugar and keep track of your blood sugar levels since it could affect the baby’s health. 
  • Keep your mind fresh and stay away from stress, since it has a huge impact on pregnancy. Stress can affect variations in hormone levels and reduces your chances of getting pregnant. It increases the level of cortisol that activates insulin production to greater levels. While feeling stressed, make sure to stay in a happy environment and stay connected with your loved ones. Also, always make sure to do what you love the most and even take some therapies if nothing said above helps you much.                 


PCOS nowadays is common and treatable when diagnosed properly with much care. The reason for PCOS can be different, but in most cases, you can take control of your body and do the necessary. Above mentioned are just tips you can try if you are someone who suffers from PCOS and is longing to get pregnant. And in case these tips couldn’t help much, ensure to consult a physician and take further treatment. 


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